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4 Ways to Give Your House a More Homely Feel


When you move into a new house, you just have walls and empty rooms waiting to be given your personal touch. It won’t feel like home until you make it your home. So, where do you start? Will it be big or small things that determine what feels ‘homely’? There are plenty of ways for you to turn your new house into a ‘home’, remembering that it’s about the inside as well as the outside of your house that matters.

1. Blinds, Awnings and Shutters

Unless you’re the type of person that likes a curtain-less window, interior blinds serve many purposes, from privacy to protection from the elements. While there are many businesses that specialise in these, make sure you choose a reliable one like Stylewise Security to take you through the process from the mere idea to installation. These days, there are so many styles, textures and colours to choose from, not to mention advances in engineering that have produced fire retardant materials that also withstand fading, odour absorption and staining! There are also exterior shutters to enhance security or awnings to protect against harmful UV rays. Click here to look at several options.


Not all of us like the colour of the walls when we move into a new house. What better way to make it your own, than adding a fresh coat of paint? That way, you can have different colours in different rooms and make the whole family happy. Consider something bright for the living room, a medium hue for bedrooms and maybe a darker shade for the study. And now, you even have the choice of paints that are resistant to mould, or are textured to look like different materials – suede for example.

3. Pictures

Nothing turns a house into a home better than pictures. Now, pictures can be photos of family, friends, pets, or artwork, or perhaps posters (the latter will suit the teenagers in the family just fine). Photos of the family on vacation, or portraits taken at different stages of your kids’ lives are important. Some art that you like will be a nice touch – whether you prefer classic or contemporary, it will mean something to you, and you’ll feel good seeing them up on the wall.

4. Accessories or ornaments

Furniture is one thing. We all need chairs, sofas, tables and shelves. But what you add to them is what makes a difference. Without being tempted to clutter your home with numerous unnecessary items, choose carefully some cushions or a throw for your living room. A rug. Have a few souvenirs from vacations strategically placed on tables, shelves, the wall or floor depending on what they are. Have one nice big feature clock – that’s all you need. Maybe a nice lamp, or candles if you’re into that.

It doesn’t take much to give your house a more homely feel. Some carefully purchased investments like blinds and awnings will last a long time. And other smaller things can be changed or replaced when you feel like it. To give your home more of a ‘soul’, get everyone involved. It’s all about filling your home with things that really mean something to you, and turning it into a place that you can’t wait to come home to!

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