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How to Give Yourself Spa Treatments Without Leaving Your House!



I wish I could visit the spa more often, for a bit of me time. The thing is, it always seems like an impossible task. I just don’t have the time or the money to spend half a day at my local beauty centre. That doesn’t mean I can’t have the same kind of experience at home, however. There are loads of ways you can have some real R&R in the comfort of your own living room. It’s far cheaper and won’t use up valuable work or family time. Here’s how you can bring the spa to you.

Homemade Beauty Treatments

Pinterest will become your new best friend when it comes to making beauty treatments at home. There are so many different recipes and techniques; you’ll be spoilt for choice. Most of these treatments can be made with things you find in the cupboard or fridge, too! Popular ingredients include olive oil, coconut oil and natural yoghurt. You can make face masks, for a deep and relaxing facial. You can create your own bath creams and shower gels if you only have a little bit of time spare. There are even treatments you can put together at home, which will do a better job than something at the spa. After all, there are a lot fewer chemicals in something you make yourself. What’s not to love about going homemade?!



Amazing At-Home Beauty Treatments

If you’re not keen on whacking a load of yoghurt on your face, there are some products you can buy which are of spa quality. You don’t even need to spend a small fortune on these. For example, did you know that Sudocrem can get rid of skin redness? I bet some of you ladies have some of that lying around, anyway! If you’re looking for something a bit more intense, then Platinum Skin Care do a range of chemical peels. They’ve been specially created for at-home use and are as good as the stuff you’ll find in a spa. Dig around in the cupboards and have a look what’s been stored in there since Mother’s Day. If you’re like me, you’ll probably have stashed away a tonne of toiletries you received as gifts. Some of these may be perfect for your at-home spa treatments.

Massages and Relaxation

One of the best things about visiting a spa is the peace, quiet and relaxation. Not forgetting the massages, of course! If you can rope your partner in, see if they wouldn’t mind giving you a massage one quiet evening. You can find a whole range of essential oils and massage lotions that will give it that professional feel. As for getting some R&R, well there are plenty of ways to do this too. Have you ever tried meditation? You only need a spare 10 minutes, and it can help you feel much more rested and relaxed. Download an app like Headspace, that will walk you through the technique. Light some scented candles and put on some calming music. You’ll instantly feel more at ease with the world.

Once you’ve tried some of these tips out, you’ll wonder why you ever forked out so much money at a spa. It’s so easy to recreate at home, and it will save you plenty of time too.


I’ve Found These Awesome Family Den Ideas

For many families, spending quality time together is a challenge. Work, school, hobbies, and social commitments often mean each of us are on different schedules. So when the weekend finally comes around and you are all together at home, you want to make your time special. I’ve been looking into some awesome den ideas so the whole family can group together and enjoy some family activities. I wanted to know what goes into the ultimate family room to make sure everyone is comfortable. Here’s what I’ve found:


Kids Seats

Kids love to have fun, and their style is a lot different from adults. As a family den, I think it’s important that everyone in the family feels that it is their place equally. I found some bean bag chairs online, and it made me realize that the kids should have their own seats. Bean bag chairs are fun and funky. They come in a range of colors and styles so your kids should be able to find the one that suits their tastes best.


Adult Seats

The family den is definitely the place I would want to head to if I were having a pajama day. I want to slouch around and be comfortable. A big comfy sofa with lots of squishy cushions sounds perfect to me. I like to put my feet up too, so I might even look at a reclining sofa. With snacks and drinks on the go in front of the TV, leather is probably the best option. It’s much easier to wipe down and keep clean than fabric.


On the Floor

When the kids bring their toys into the room, they love to be sat on the floor. Us poor adults groan as we shift ourselves down to be with them. Some bean bags, cushions, and a very soft rug are definitely going into my ultimate family den! I think this room would best be carpeted too, although wooden floors are easier to clean when drinks get spilled.


This pic is from Flickr


Coffee Table

I love having somewhere to put my glass down, and the kids love a table to put their games onto. For the ultimate den, a big, solid, square coffee table plus a smaller nest of little tables would be perfect. That way there will be plenty to go around. I love dark woods so I would hope to find a complete matching set in something like oak. We will need a nice coaster set too!


This pic is from Flickr



The TV will definitely be used in the family den. It would probably be on all day if I didn’t keep the viewing hours in check! A big screen is essential for a big family so everyone can enjoy it together. I love the idea of a smart TV that is connected to the internet. That way, we can stream TV shows, movies, and music. Watching on demand is far more convenient for us as we have other things to do during the normal programming schedule.


While I think the sound from the TV is fine, there is often a man around who disagrees with me quite loudly. A sound bar is apparently essential for the perfect family den. I can kind of see his point with a surround sound system too. If we’re watching a big effects movie, it is nice to get the full sound right around the room. It adds to the atmosphere. Maybe I can be convinced…



I love dimmable lights. They can be on bright when we’re playing a family board game, and then we can dim them down for a quiet evening once the kids are in bed. Of course, the lights have to be out for a big movie night! When I’m reading, I like to sit under my nice standard lamp. It’s not dimmable, but I can put in one of those app-controllable light bulbs if I fancy some awesome lighting effects.



When the kids are in the room, I prefer the windows closed as the noise levels can start interfering with the rest of the neighborhood! In the summer, I love throwing them open so I can see the garden more clearly and hear the kids playing outside. When I dress the windows, I’m mindful of how much sunlight is coming in. Venetian blinds are great for diverting the sun’s rays, but they aren’t that attractive. I like to have some lush curtains or drapes hanging in the window. Blackout ones are best for this room, so we can enjoy a big movie in the dark at any time of the day.



While some people may like to have a mix of great pieces of furniture, I do like things to match from a set. In my perfect den, I would have a great sideboard where I can keep the family games, some pens and paper and a few DVDs. Lots of people like their TV hanging on the wall, but I like mine a bit lower to my eyeline than that. I would love a beautiful wooden TV cabinet that can also hold the Blu-Ray and Satellite machines. I would probably pop a photo frame or two on there as well so I can see my babies while I watch TV.



This ultimate family den would have to be decorated by the whole family jointly. It might be that every wall is a different color, though! I would like a feature wall in a nice bright color like pink or purple. Perhaps we can all agree on some wallpaper with a geometric pattern in those colors? Maybe not! Still, I think if we all came up with some ideas we would find something we all like together. Hopefully everyone will pitch in with the painting.


The ultimate family den for me is the place where I see us all together smiling. It’s a happy room where we’re all doing the same thing at the same time. It’s a snuggly room too, where I can give my babies a cuddle and let them talk about their day. For me, it’s important to have that family space so we can make the most of our quality time together.


Why I’m Always Property Hunting

I’m starting to realise that having kids makes you think about moving house a lot. As they grow and develop and change, it feels like the house just isn’t that flexible. When the kids are newborn, you probably wish you could wheel the pushchair straight into a utility area out of the rain. That’s so much easier than standing in the rain battling to fold it down. But what if you don’t have anywhere to wheel it into?

The next thing you know your newborn is starting to crawl around. That hardwood floor suddenly becomes a hazard instead of something you loved about the house when you moved in. Toilet training with no downstairs loo is a challenge too. The list of what’s not ideal about the house can quickly get very long!

Whether we take the plunge to move or not, there’s no harm in having a look at houses on the market. If nothing else, it gives you a good idea about what’s out there. It also gives you a peek into how other people live! I know one of these days I’m going to view a house and fall in love, though.

When I’m looking at properties, I tend to look at places that are listed by agents I know like Redmove. I’m always a little bit wary about properties being sold by the owner direct. It’s a big investment to buy a place, so I would prefer to go with a reputable company. If you’re looking to buy a new place but you have to sell your home too, it can often be easier to use a single agent.

2 is the source of this photograph

Many agents suggest you get your home in good decorative order before trying to sell it. That makes sense. You want your place to be seen in the best possible light to make sure it sells for the best possible price. I’ve been told it’s important to dress the rooms for the intended purpose. I’ve seen a few dining rooms with exercise bikes and old boxes in the way. It did put me off a little too.

I’m always on top of the decor for my children’s room. I think it’s important it looks fresh, clean and cared for. Decluttering and tidying feels like an endless task at times. Kids grow out of things so quickly! But accidents happen occasionally. A wipe down of the paintwork after some art attempts is usually enough, but sometimes I have to get creative too! A lick of paint or well-placed poster helps.

I don’t know that I will move house. But with a growing family, I know I might not have a choice one day. It would be nice to have more room. And it would be very nice to have a more functional place to suit my ever-changing lifestyle. It might be the stuff of dreams, but I still enjoy browsing the web for places for sale.

It’s quite nice to view properties looking their best for a sale. You can certainly pick up some nice ideas for decor. For now, I’ll just hope my home is flexible enough for us all.


Too Much Mess In Your Home? Here’s How To Clear It Out And Start Again

As your children grow up, you can often find your house in a mess. Our kids grow out of their clothes and grow tired of their toys so quickly. If you often find the kids’ rooms are in more of a mess than you can bear, it could be time to start again. Planning a new room for your child isn’t easy, though. And you just know that your ideas for the decor aren’t going to be what you end up with!

As kids get older, they get bigger. They need more room for themselves. If they have started school and regularly have some homework, now could be the perfect time to prepare a little study area in their room. Perhaps their books are usually in a pile in the wardrobe? Having them all organised neatly on the shelf makes it easier to select one.

Start by figuring out what furniture they are going to need. When you are ordering kids furniture, it usually takes a few days for the delivery to turn up. Then you will need a couple of days to assemble everything. This gives you plenty of time to clear the room out and decorate before the furniture comes in.

A bigger child needs a bigger bed. Perhaps you are thinking about getting a bed with storage underneath. You can also buy a bunk bed style bed with a little desk and closet underneath. Kids love climbing, but this kind of arrangement will only last a few years before they are too big for it. If you want something to last right through their teens, you may have to look at a divan.

Storage is really important to keep a room neat and tidy. Plenty of hanging space and drawers for clothes are essential. Shelves for books and cupboards for toys and games will help keep everything in its place. A bedside cabinet provides a spot for the bedside lamp to sit. It will need to be situated close to the electric socket.

Once you have ordered all the furniture, it’s time for the big clearout. It’s up to you if you want to involve your child in this process. Sometimes it’s easier and quicker to manage on your own. To save tears, it might be an idea to ask your son or daughter to put their most treasured possessions into a special storage box for the day. That way, you won’t accidentally throw anything out they will be upset about.

Charity shops always welcome donations of toys, games and clothing. For anything that is no longer useable, you will have to arrange for it to be thrown away. You can find companies like Paul’s Rubbish Removal to help with this. You will be charged a fee for the rubbish to be disposed of appropriately. It saves you several trips to the recycling centre yourself.

It’s easy to get nostalgic about some of the things you find when you are clearing out your child’s bedroom. You may want to hold onto some items yourself for sentimental reasons. Be careful not to fall into the trap of saving every little thing, though! Once you have emptied the room completely, it’s time to get out the paintbrushes.

Your children might enjoy the idea of helping you paint their room. Often, it can become a tedious chore for them, so their input may be limited to choosing the wall colour. The ceiling and skirting boards will also need a coat of paint. Once it is dry, you can decide if you want to replace the bedroom carpet. A good bedroom carpet can be expensive once you have factored in the cost of underlay and fitting. Instead, why not choose a well-placed rug and a carpet wash?

Many children’s bedding sets include curtains and light shades. If you are buying one of these, then you might also want to add some posters or wall art to match. If your child’s room is often sunny, you could add some Venetian blinds to deflect the sun rays. But be wary of the dangers of the cord. Blackout roller blinds can pose the same threat. Store the cord higher up and out of reach if necessary.

Once the furniture is built, you could be ready to start rehoming your child’s possessions. If you ask your son or daughter to do this themselves, it might encourage them to keep their things in place all the time. Designing a good children’s bedroom is about maximising the functionality of the room. You want it tidy, so it’s easier to clean. The kids need it functional so they can find what they want quickly. If they choose where their things live, they will always know where to put it away again.


Image courtesy of Flickr

Now it’s time for the finishing touches. Once your child has moved back into their bedroom, they might want to invite a friend over to see it. This is a good sign they are taking pride in their new room. Pull out the container of all their treasured items. Your child will probably want some of these out on display. Posters, pictures and other decorations help to complete the room. Now it’s ready to be shown off!


Image courtesy of Flickr

Kids love spending time in their rooms, especially when they have friends over to play. Now they are a little bit older, they might like to take more responsibility for keeping their room clean and tidy. Perhaps they would like to vacuum the carpet at the weekends? Dusting and tidying are jobs that you might have had to do for them before. Now they may be keen to take ownership of those tasks.

Don’t worry if their interest in maintaining a perfect room soon dwindles. It’s natural. Try to keep the mess to a minimum with clever storage solutions and regular clear-outs. It will make life easier for you. Having friends over encourages a child to tidy up a little. Regular invites might help them take more pride in the appearance of their room. Enjoy the tidiness, while it lasts!


Tips For Creating The Perfect Bedroom For Your Child

When it comes to creating a bedroom for your child, it can sometimes be hard to know how to go about it. No matter how old your child is, their bedroom is their own personal retreat. So it is important that it is a place that they love and are happy to spend time in.

If you want your child to sleep in their own bed, instead of your bed, it’s also important that they feel safe in their bedroom. In can be hard knowing the best way to go about decorating your child’s bedroom, but it doesn’t have to be.


Image link: Flickr

To help make decorating your child’s bedroom easier, here are our top tips:

Opt for a themed room

Kids love having themed bedrooms, from football to Frozen bedrooms, all kids love a theme room. Even though you might think that you know your child’s favourite theme, it’s always best to ask them first.

Sit down together and ask them what type of bedroom they would like. Ask them directly whether they would like a themed bedroom, and see what they respond. Sometimes kids can be crazy about a TV show or character, but don’t want them plastered all over their walls.

Instead of opting for traditional wallpaper, consider using contact paper instead. It’s a form of wallpaper that can be easily, applied to walls and taken down, without leaving marks on the wall. This is ideal if your child is likely to change their mind about the type of bedroom they want, as it makes it easier to change the design.

Give your child space to be creative

If your child loves to be creative, make sure that you give them a space to do that. Adding a giant chalkboard to your child’s room is the perfect way to allow them to get as creative as they like.

You could fix a chalkboard to the wall, or you could paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint. That way, your child can draw as much as they want, and will never run out of room.

Make their bed comfortable

Don’t make the mistake of buying your child a novelty bed, as they aren’t always comfortable. Plus, your child will probably grow out of it incredibly quickly. It’s better to buy a simple single bed, and use bed linen to brighten it up.

As well as thinking about the bed you want to get your child for their new room, it’s also important that you get them a new mattress. There are various companies you can buy mattresses from, but one of the best is John Ryan Contemporary. This is because there are various mattress types and sizes to choose from. The more comfortable your child’s bed is, the more likely they are to sleep in it all night.

Incorporate lots of storage

Children have lots of toys and other bits and bobs, and so, they need lots of storage. That’s why it’s so important that you incorporate lots of storage into their bedroom; this can be built-in or added in.

Creating the perfect bedroom for your child can be tricky. However, by following the tips and ideas in this guide, you can make it easier for yourself.


How I Keep the House Spotless – Even With Kids Around!

Something I know a lot of people struggle with is keeping their house spotless. Especially when there are kids around. Sometimes it feels like you have a child following you around, sabotaging all of the efforts you make to tidy the house. I’ve had a little practice over the years, and I’ve learned exactly how I can keep a spotless house, even with the kids around.

Get them to Help You

Yes, they might hinder you slightly. Yes, you might take a lot longer to get things done. But, you must remember, you’re teaching your kids healthy habits. As they grow older, they’ll be more inclined to do things off their own back and keep their rooms tidy. If you’re sweeping, buy them their own little brush to help. Make it fun for them. Make games out of the chores, for example, who can pick up their washing the fastest? Who can put the most toys away? Get creative so they see cleaning as fun rather than a chore. If you don’t allow them to help you, when they grow up, they’ll be less likely to want to do these things. You can’t turn around one day and expect them to start cleaning their own room if you’ve never let them help you! It’ll be too overwhelming for them. You need to ease them into it. Once you’ve done this, they’ll get better and the time it takes you to do your chores will decrease. You’ll have an army of little helpers doing a great job of their own rooms and tidying up after themselves! What more could you want?



Teach them to be Mindful of Toys

Kids usually have a lot of toys, but teach them to be mindful. When they’re done playing with one toy, teach them to put it back before they get another. If you don’t, you’ll have a floor full of toys and nobody will want to put them away! By putting each toy away after they’re done, they’ll keep on top of the situation and you won’t get so stressed out.

Get Into a Routine

Try to put some time aside each day to do what needs to be done. Whether it’s the dishes, the vacuuming, or something else, try to set aside 30 minutes to an hour to get as much done as you can. Do it at the same time every day, so the kids know not to bother you or expect you to play with their toys. During this time, you could occupy them with food and a film. Having the right cleaning kit will help you to get things done much faster. should give you an idea of the most effective vacuum cleaners.

Be Supportive

Be supportive of your kid’s efforts to help. However, don’t necessarily tell them that a job is great if it isn’t. Just thank them for putting the effort in and helping you. This way they know that their efforts are appreciated, and next time you can give them a few tips to improve. Eventually, they’ll do it like a pro. By telling them they’ve done a great job, even when they haven’t, they won’t see the need to improve their skills very much. This goes for anything; if they paint a great picture, you shouldn’t call them a natural. If they paint a bad picture, you shouldn’t tell them so, or tell them it’s good anyway. The key is to praise their efforts, so that they know effort gets you far in life! They won’t expect everything to come naturally to them this way.

Don’t Re-do What They’ve Done

Re-doing what they’ve done shows them that their efforts just weren’t good enough, even if you tell them they were. If you’re very particular about a way something is done, it’s best to give them a different job. Give them something that you’re not so precious about. Don’t get your 4 year old to fold the washing if you know you’re going to redo it afterwards. Give them something more manageable.

Live a Simple Life

Don’t try to have the next best thing; gadgets, toys, clothes, etc. Filling your house with junk just gives you more to clean and tidy away. Obviously you don’t want to go without, but there’s a difference between that and buying things you don’t need! Try to live a simple life so that you have less to worry about. The more space you have, the tidier your house will look too.



Eat Messy Food Outside

A lot of food can be messy when it comes to kids. Even food that didn’t seem messy at first can become messy when a child gets their hands on it. If something is particularly messy, for example a biscuit or flapjack, get them to eat it outside. This is a great idea for sunny days – not so much in the winter. You can also give them a food tray, but you can’t guarantee that they’re going to be tidy with it. Try to avoid messy food altogether if you’re worried about crumbs in your carpet.

Try to be Flexible

The key to keeping your house tidy with kids around is to be flexible. They don’t stay young forever; they’re certainly not going to be asking you for cuddles forever. They won’t want you to play dolls with them in a few years. Make the most of the time you have now. If that means leaving the washing up for a few hours, leave it. If it means that your house is a little messy, let it be. You’ll regret the time you didn’t spend with your kids eventually! You need to find the right balance between keeping a clean house and spending some quality time with your kids. So what if the house is a little messy as long as you’re all happy? Think of it that way!

What do you think of my tips? Will you use them? Leave a comment to let me know!


4 Ways To Make Your Home More Fun For Children



Having children is life’s greatest blessing, but they do change our perceptions of the home. Priorities of comfort and luxury are quickly overrun by a need for safety and fun. Our little ones are the most important thing in our lives, and putting them first is a must.

While we want to keep a degree of comfort and enjoyment for ourselves, it’s important to make the home suitable for children. Playing to their natural love of adventure is key. Knowing how to transform the home can be difficult, but these four tips should help you along the way.

A Bedroom Fit For A Prince Or Princess

A child’s bedroom is their little space. They should feel comfortable inside their rooms and actually enjoy going there. Whether it’s to learn, play or sleep, the bedroom should be a special place for your kid.

One of the easiest ways to make the bedroom more enjoyable is to celebrate their passion and hobbies. Using their favourite sports team, pop band, or television show as a theme is an easy way to ensure they fall in love with the room.

The key is to be creative. These ideas should get your juices flowing.

Make Bath Time Fun

Every parent understands the struggle that bath time can bring. A lot of young children just don’t like it, especially when it comes to cleaning hair. Aside from anything, it can be a little boring for the youngsters.

Injecting a little fun into the bathroom could be the key to improving their relationship with the bath. Thinking outside the box, as this post does, could help find a way to battle against the problems posed by children’s bath time.

Our messy pups have a knack for getting dirty, so cleaning is extremely important. Make it more enjoyable for them, and it will feel a lot less stressful for you.

Encourage Outdoor Fun

Creating a home for adventure is great, but it’s far easier to promote activity in the garden. It’s probably safer too.

Converting your garden into a child-friendly zone isn’t overly difficult. It also serves as a great way to teach valuable life lessons while also promoting a good relationship with the outdoors environment. In an era where our kids are constantly attached to various screens, this break from the digital world is a welcomed distraction for any parent.

Besides, it’ll also encourage you to get out in the garden more too.

Designate A Space For Creativity

Children are naturally creative, and you should do everything you can to encourage it. Arts and crafts are a great way for you to bond with your child while also giving you a chance to assess various academic capabilities.

You should never stifle a child’s imagination and providing them a space to show their creativity will go a long way. It doesn’t have to be an entire playroom. Even a small desk will suffice. The key is to make them feel comfortable in this designated area.

It might even unearth a real talent.

Awesome Ideas For Completely Transforming Your Family Home

Would you like to make improvements to your home that could completely change the overall aesthetic? Does the idea of altering your home and making it more valuable seem appealing? Then you’re going to love the ideas and suggestions listed on this page. As a busy mother, I know all too well how difficult it can be to keep on top of your property when there are children. However, I’m confident anyone in my position could put all these concepts into practice and produce some excellent results. You just need to make sure you have enough money in the bank to cover all the costs involved.

Renovate your kitchen

Buying a new kitchen from your local supplier could set you back thousands of dollars. With that in mind, it makes sense to renovate the room instead. You can get some amazing marble work surfaces for little expense online if you use auction websites. It’s also wise to sand and all your cupboards and give them a new coat of paint or varnish. When it comes to dealing with the flooring solution, it is sensible to opt for laminate or real wood. The last thing anyone wants is carpet in their kitchen because it will deteriorate and become unsightly very quickly.

Redesign your kid’s bedroom

It’s always a good idea to make your house seem like a home for your children. One of the best ways of doing that is to improve their bedroom. Presuming your kids have specific interests, you should incorporate them into the design. It is possible to find some amazing wall stencils online for almost every character in modern fiction. So, having an image of Olaf from Frozen behind their bed might not be as difficult as it sounds. Just make sure you involve your children in the process. Ask them what they would like, and then try to create it.

Convert your attic

Converting your attic is going to cost a lot of money. However, you should see it as an investment because it will make your home more valuable. What you do with the new space is down to your personal preference. Some people like to turn their attic into a spare bedroom while others prefer to use it for office space. Just make sure you contact a firm that provides rubbish collection ahead of time. You are sure to create lots of waste, and you will need it removed as soon as possible. The entire task should take professionals no longer than two weeks depending on the size of your attic.


Martin Thomas

The only other thing you’ll want to think about relates to your outdoor spaces. It’s always a good idea to improve your front garden because that is often the first thing people see when approaching your property. The rear garden isn’t quite as important, but you should still try to make it a fun space for your kids. Maybe you should get in touch with a landscaping company if you don’t fancy getting too dirty? There are sure to be plenty of them in your local area.

Things to Think About When Buying a New Sofa

Buying a new sofa can be really exciting. A new sofa can completely change the look of your living area; it’s one of the main focal points, and everybody sees it/uses it. But how do you make sure you’re making the right decision for your living area? Think about these things before you splash the cash:

How Many People Will Use the Sofa?

Depending on how many people will want to use the sofa at once, you’ll need to get a different size. If you only live with one other person, you can stand to get a two seater – however, you’ll want to consider what you’ll do when you have guests over too. If you have a big family, you’ll definitely need a big sofa to accommodate them.

How Durable is this Sofa?

Look at the material and sturdiness of the sofa to work out how durable it is. If you are planning on keeping this sofa for years and you know you’ll use it every day, it needs to be as durable as you can afford. Sturdy sofas will cost you more, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.


image author

Do You Like Colour?

If you like colour, you might like a coloured sofa. One reason I love coloured sofas is because you don’t see them very often. More often than not, people will choose a neutral coloured sofa so that it goes with anything and they can easily create the look of the room around that sofa. However, a coloured sofa can be a lot of fun and will probably look better than you think when styled a number of ways. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with it!

What Shape Do You Like?

The shape of the sofa will have an impact on the rest of the room. A sharp sofa will look entirely different to a sofa composed of soft curves.

Is it Comfortable?

Don’t focus so much on the look of the sofa that you forget to look at the comfort aspect of things. The sofa should be comfortable enough for you to relax on it when you need to!

How Easy is it to Clean?

Finally, how easy is the sofa to clean? If you have young children, you should probably buy a sofa that is easy to clean. You know what kids are like. Accidents happen, and you don’t want them to be present on the sofa forever. A sofa that you can simply wipe over is a good idea for those with kids. Pets can mark sofas too, so remember that if you have a dog or a cat.

Although this can be an exciting time, deciding which sofa to buy is an important decision to make. It’s going to change the look of your living room and will give off a certain vibe to guests. Make sure your sofa gives off the vibe you want and says a little bit about your personality too.

See you soon!

Creating A Garden That Is Suitable For The Whole Family

Summer is the time when you should be outside as much as you can, but if your garden isn’t the most appealing of places, you might be put off.

For parents, far too often garden’s end up being turned into extensions of the kids playroom. It might be important to encourage your children to play outside, but that doesn’t mean your garden should be just for them.

Your garden should be somewhere that is suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Your garden should be somewhere that the kids can play, as well as somewhere that you can go to relax. While striking this balance can sometimes be tricky, if you know what you are doing it is achievable.


Photo credit: Flickr

To help you take advantage of your garden and create a space that is suitable for the whole family, here are a few tips and ideas:

Split your garden into zones

One of the best ways to create a garden that the whole family can enjoy is by dividing the space into zones. The amount of areas you can create will depend on the size of your garden, but to make this work you will need to have at least two zones.

By separating your garden into areas, you can give your kids somewhere to play and can have somewhere for the adults to relax. When it comes to designing the area for your children, don’t opt for cheap plastic play equipment, go for wood instead. Things like play frames, sand pits and outdoor games are all ideal.

Create an outdoor playhouse for your kids

By creating a playhouse for your kids, not only will this give them somewhere to play in the winter, but it can also be used for storage.

You can buy a wooden wendy house or a tree house, or you can design and create your own. If you are opting for a wooden wendy house, ideally this should be on stilts so that the damp floor doesn’t rot the bottom of it.

Add an outdoor lounge

If you have enough room, adding an outdoor lounge is the perfect way to transform your garden into somewhere you can relax.

Invest in an outdoor lounge setting and some outdoor lighting and your garden will look great. By creating an area just for adults, you will feel happier spending time outside and inviting people over.

Grow your own food

If you have space in your garden, why not create your own vegetable patch or herb garden? Kids love growing things, and growing your own produce is the perfect way to encourage them to spend time outside.

Having a food growing area in your garden is a great way to bring the entire family together. Kids love doing things as a family and growing your own food is the perfect family activity.

When you have young children, it can be difficult to create a garden that is suitable for the whole family. However, by following the tips and ideas here, you can create a garden that both adults and children will love.