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The Benefits Of Smart Energy Monitoring Meters

With a smart meter, you can start to view your energy usage differently and make alterations in your household to help you save money. It’s far too easy to use more electricity and gas than you need to without knowing it. Smart meters allow you to see how much energy you are using in real-time. When you start to use less energy, the results will be instantly visible on your smart energy monitor. This means you can begin to use household appliances in an energy-saving manner.

What’s more, when you have a smart meter, you can enjoy more accurate bills and you won’t have to submit any meter readings to your power company. Instead, the smart meter sends all of your data over the mobile network to your power supplier automatically. So, you can wave bye bye to estimated bills.

A smart energy monitor does not contain a temperature sensor. Take time to research how a smart meter could be beneficial to your household. Once you see the energy each appliance draws from the power grid when in use, you will be empowered to make choices to reduce your energy bills.

Your smart energy monitor with tell you your energy usage in KWH and pounds and pence. You will be able to see how much you’re spending each minute. Learning more about the amount of energy all your gadgets use will enable you to make better choices and stay in control of your energy bills.

Many people hate not knowing how much their next electricity bill is going to be. With an energy monitor, there are no big surprises, making it easier to budget. Just think, no more submitting meter readings every quarter and accurate bills. You don’t have to risk allowing your account to get into too much credit or costly arrears.

Smart meters send suppliers regular accurate data about a consumer’s energy use. You can also gain a unique insight into energy consumption within your home.

If you want the extra functionality of seeing record readings in half-hour intervals just let us know. We will then update your smart meter so you can get more out of it. Note that your meter will still continue to only send us one batch of data readings each day, allowing you to see your hourly usage via our interactive online app according to nPower.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We have already contacted 15,000 customers with smart meters to find out what they think about the benefits of smart energy monitoring. Here a sample of some of the points most frequently noted:

Customers are looking at their smart energy monitors more than they thought they would. They find them super useful for seeing where they can make the most energy savings.

Customers love how intuitive the smart energy monitor is to navigate, ensuring their energy usage is simple to understand and control.

Overall customers are saying that smart energy meters have made their lives easier since they no longer have the hassle of submitting meter readings and dealing with estimated bills.


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