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Benefits of Temporary Blackout Blinds And How To Choose Them

One of the biggest problems many parents have in the early years of their new child’s life, is getting them to sleep and ensuring that they stay asleep for the duration. Often babies are light sleepers and if they are co-sleeping with their parents, this can make the strain on the family even bigger. This is why temporary blackout blinds might be a good investment.

Unlike more permanent solution, they can be easily moved from room to room with relative ease, meaning they can be setup in your bedroom if your baby is co-sleeping, until they are ready to move to their own bedroom and then the blackout curtains can move with them. With so many different products out there all claiming to be the best, how do you pick the best blackout curtains?

In the following post we will offer some hints as what you should be looking for when you are purchasing temporary blackout blinds and curtains.


When it comes to the price, there are a wide variety of different blackout curtains to suit all budgets. However, if you are on a tight budget, it Is best that you aim for something mid-range in the price department. The problem with lower priced curtains and blinds is that it is normally an indication that they are low quality and perhaps made from inferior fabrics and unlikely to last very long.


On the subject of blackout curtains lasting a long time or not, this is another key factor to look out for How easy they can be installed and removed and then re-installed, when being moved from different rooms or if you take them on holiday, can determine how long they will last. If you envision that you are going to use them in a variety of different rooms and locations, you will want a set that will stand the test of time and repeated use.


Following on nicely from the point above, if you are intending on taking your temporary blackout curtains with you on trips and visits to relatives, portability is something you should be looking for. The last thing you want is a product that takes a long time to pack away and that doesn’t even pack away neatly or compactly.

Easy to Install

Furthermore, if you are going to be taking them down and putting them up in different places often, you want to know that they will be easy to set up. It can be a living nightmare if you have a fiddly set of blackout curtains that take a Physics degree to install – especially if you are tired and want to settle your baby down for the night.

Maintenance and Care

Obviously, you need to look after your blackout curtains to ensure you get as long a lifespan out of them as possible. One of the most important factors with regards to how easy they will be to maintain and what will be involved in that care, is the fabric and materials they are made from.

For instance, a polyester and cotton mix will require a machine wash cycle with cold water; whereas those made from vinyl may only require being wiped with a damp cloth and some water mixed with mild detergent.


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