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Why Being Grandparents Can Be More Fun Than Being a Mom and Dad

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You have read the title of this piece and your answer will be “ because they can hand them back”. Well, yes, that is a big advantage of being a grandparent, and it can be a good thing. But there are many other reasons why being a grandparent can be more fun than being a parent.

If you are worried about getting old, you shouldn’t be. You may be closer to meeting your maker and your joints may be shot, but being older gives you a different outlook to that you had when you were in your prime.

Read on to find out why it is great to be a wrinkly.

You have been there and done it. Purely by living as long as you have, you have gained a certain amount of wisdom that cannot be learned any other way. Teenage years left their marks on your personality, and you met several loves of your life before finding the perfect one and settling down to raise a family of your own.

When your first child is born and returns home, you remember the sheer panic and weight of responsibility that kept you awake at nights (as well as the crying, of course). How can you provide for and give the best possible start to this little one/ It’s hard enough taking care of yourself most of the time.

As the child grows, without realising it, you find that skills involved in being a parent are gained one at a time, as they are needed. It’s not rocket science, after all. We are guided by systems in society for many things. The ages for inoculations are set down and we are reminded of them, schooling is just a great big machine, with rules set that we all follow. When the kids are ill we know where to turn. Though people think that parenting is hard, when you look back on it, much is taken care of for you.

When the children are nearing the end of their school life, however, we start to panic again over what they are going to do with the rest of their lives. Looking back, we realise that most of this takes care of itself too. By this age, they are competent young adults who can follow their own paths.

When your grandchildren arrive, you will recognise that look of terror on your child’s face. You are now armed with the wisdom to know, however, that everything is going to be fine for your child and grandchild. Now your skills can come into their own. While your child is feeling the pressure and running around in a panic, your wisdom allows you to leave all of the hard work to them while you take pleasure engaging with your grandchild as a friend. You have more time for them too, and look forwards to visits and long childish chats. You don’t feel so guilty as a parent when you take them to the pick and mix stand or let them have a sugary drink. Leave that worry to their mom and dad.

As you can see, being a grandparent is a magical time in anyone’s life. When you hear that comment about handing them back, it is just bravado. Often waving goodbye is a sad time, but it always leaves you with something to look forward to next week. You will need that time to build your strength back up, so make the most of it.

Being a Mum, what do we really want for Mother’s Day?

We all have a concept of what we would like to get our beloved Mum for Mother’s Day, is it flowers, chocolates or jewellery, whatever it is, our aim is to make our Mum smile.

 However, being Mums ourselves, have you ever thought about what you would really like for Mother’s Day?

 Partners, and children that are old enough, can go out and buy something, while younger children may make us something nice. With both, as long as the thought is there, most of us do not care what the end product is.

 However, it is nice receiving a gift that takes your breath away. There are some things that make better Mother’s Day gifts than others. Jewellery is always a nice treat, especially if it is something that you have had your eyes on for a while.

 Then you have the usual suspects, chocolates, flowers and perfume can be great gifts for Mums, but require little thought from the gift giver.

 Some Mums receive ‘joke’ presents, which include cleaning product and diet pills. As long as these are very much joke presents and nothing else, they may raise a small smile as well as raised eyebrows.

 But, what do Mums really want for Mother’s Day?

 There are some things that money cannot buy, and it is these things that Mums really want.

 Mums often run around like headless chickens for most of the day. The day is hectic and full of pressures that loved ones may not really appreciated in full. So, for Mother’s Day Mums want to be given something that enables them to enjoy being themselves, and do things that during any other day of the year, they cannot do.

 Time cannot be bought, instead it needs to be given to you. Some research was conducted last year, and it found that some Mums did not want things, they just needed time.

 What things would be a great gift for you this Mother’s Day?

 Mums want sleep, rest and recuperation. This is not as obvious to your partner or your children, so you may need to drop some subtle hints.


(Thanks to Sean Hobson, via Flickr, for the great photo)

 Mums also want to spend some quality time as a family. This can prove difficult during the year, everyone has so much going on in their lives that quality family time can sometimes can shunned and pushed to the back of our priorities. Your loved ones should make it a priority this Mother’s Day.

 Most Mums are happy with a gift, but this year loved ones can make it extra special by making the day as easy as possible on Mother’s Day.

 It’s also the little things that can mean the most. Artwork from children, a hot drink, breakfast in bed, and making sure that the house is tidy.

 Ultimately it is about making Mum feeling special, the day is theirs and this should be made very clear in both what gifts are bought and what time is given.

 So, do Mums a good deed and give them something money cannot buy this year for Mother’s Day.

Is It Safe To Take Your Kids on Cruise Holidays?

If you’re thinking of going on a cruise holiday with the family, you’ll probably be wondering whether it’s really safe to take kids along with you. Well, we can tell you that it’s definitely safe – in fact, cruise lines have been trying very hard to attract families by teaming up with certain children’s TV channels like Nickelodeon, and are offering parents the chance to bring their kids along for free!


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There are so many things for kids to do on a cruise. There are both kid’s and teen’s clubs, video arcades, waterslides, outdoor movies, basketball, and more! However, although taking kids on a cruise holiday is safe, there is a downside. More and more kids are boarding cruise ships, especially during the school holidays…for a couple wanting to take a romantic getaway, they may find themselves on a ship with thousands of children. While many of these kids will be playing in the arcades or spending time with their families, there has been talk of children roaming the hallways alone, taking over the hot tubs, and causing havoc for older cruisers.

Many cruise ships handle the influx of children very well, but this doesn’t stop some cruisers who aren’t too keen on children saying that they’re never going back during the school holidays. If you want to go on a cruise with the whole family, then taking your kids could be a wonderful idea – just beware that there will be hundreds of other kids there too, and you might not get any peace for the duration. Saying that, you’ll all still have a wonderful time.  

Of course, there’s a chance your kids won’t appreciate the cruise as much as they should – they’ll be a ton of amazing sites/places to see, but will they really appreciate the experience? Unless there are a lot of amenities on board the ship for them, they could get bored. Take a look here for some cruises you and your children could be interested in.

If you do decide to take the whole family on a cruise holiday, rest assured that it’s very safe. The only thing we’ll say is, make sure you keep them under control. Kids should not be left to run amok in the corridors, allowed to cannonball in the jacuzzi, or be rude to older cruisers. We advise that you know where your kids are and what they are doing at all times, by checking on them and asking them to check in with you every so often. You don’t want them to wreak havoc on the ship while you sunbathe on the deck, blissfully unaware of what’s going on. Plus, while it’ll be nice for the parents to relax and the kids to go and play for a while, what’s the point in going on a cruise holiday as a family if you don’t plan on spending time together as a family?

There are many pros and cons to cruising with kids, so weigh them up and decide whether it’s worth bringing the kids along!


Why Fancy Dress Is So Important For Children

The concept of ‘fancy dress’ has been around for a long time, centuries in fact. You can go back as far as the 18th century where, in the UK, masked balls were very popular. This started the fancy dress concept. Even children got involved in these masked balls in ye old United Kingdom, so it has been a part of growing up for years.

 Fancy dress gained more widespread popularity in the 1940s, and they really began to gain momentum in the 1970s where costumes became more readily available.

But, why is fancy dress so important for children?

As we have all grown up, we have all probably tried to use our imagination and dress up. It may be denied, but most boys would have tried on some of their mothers clothes at some point.

Getting your children into a fancy dress costumes can give really benefit their social and emotional development. Using their imagination as a starting point allows them to interact and engage with other children, as well as having the confidence to speak to adults, and that includes Mum and Dad.

 If you have a little girl, she may want to dress up in the latest Disney Princess character, which is great. The Disney Princess is what most girls want to be, especially when they are young, consider Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel or Tinkerbell (even though she is not technically a Disney Princess).

 A little boy may want to dress up as a Pirate, such as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean or a Superhero such as Batman, Spiderman or the Hulk.


(image from Flickr: Stijlfoto)

What is important here is that they dress up in something that encourages their imagination, but do not just stick to stereotypes. Giving your children the means to dress up in something other than this has the potential to do wonders for them, check out to see if you can find their hero.

 Fancy dress encourages children’s social side and provides a perfect ice-breaker helping your child build relationships from an early stage. Fancy dress can also help children overcome any shyness they may have around others, it also forms a platform for compliments to be made, giving children the confidence they sometimes need.

 Fancy dress also helps children develop emotionally, being a channel where children can freely express themselves. It also helps children communicate with others, and by playing the characters that they love they learn control their emotional responses.

 Fancy dress helps children develop their imagination. This is becoming more, and more important. With some many computer games, phones, tablets, computers, television and films available to young children, where these things can really harm their imagination development, fancy dress can help bring their inner child out.

 Even though computer games, phones, tablets, computers, television and films can harm children’s imagination, it can also enhance it if used right. Fancy dress can be used as an extension of their favourite film, television show or video game. They can also be used as an extension of a book. It is important that combinations of these mediums are used to bring their favourite character to life.

A Guide to Safely Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby

You wouldn’t believe just how in tune with us our dogs are. As you’ve been pregnant for 9 months or so, he probably already knows that something around the home is changing. However, just because he’s picked up something new in the air, doesn’t mean he understands what’s going on. You need to prepare your dog for the arrival, and introduce your new arrival to him properly to help him come to terms with the change. Here’s a guide to safely introducing your dog to your new baby:


Photo Author: Flickr

Focus on Leadership

The 9 months in which you are pregnant is more than enough time to smooth out any naughty behaviour and establish yourself as the pack leader. It might take some hard work, but you’ll be glad you did it when the baby comes.

Be Aware of Your Own Energy

A pregnancy will affect the whole household. Your dog will mirror your emotions, whether you feel worried, anxious, or excited so beware of your own energy.

Bring Your Baby’s Scent

Before bringing home the baby, bring home an item from the hospital with the baby’s scent on. This is the exercise where you need to set clear boundaries. To create respect for the baby, you need to get your dog to sniff the item from a distance rather than close up. This sends a message that the item belongs to you and the dog needs to be careful.

Establish Boundaries

At first, you shouldn’t let your dog inside the nursery at all. Then, you can let the dog in to explore and sniff with your supervision. You must always decide when it’s time for the dog to leave the room. You should do this a couple of times before the baby comes.

Keep the Introduction Controlled

Start off by draining your dogs energy by taking him on a very long walk. Before you come back, make sure you dog is calm and submissive. Your dog will know the second they enter the room that there’s a new scent in the house. Whoever is holding the baby needs to be totally calm. Don’t bring the baby too close during this first meeting. You need to teach the dog to treat your baby as another pack leader.

Teach Your Baby

As your baby grows and gets more curious, you should always supervise interaction between them and the dog. You don’t want your child to accidentally aggravate the dog, for example by touching his wuffitmix dog food, so be careful and teach your baby to be nice to the dog.

Don’t Forget About the Dog

Your dog needs to have their usual routine to feel secure. You need to be a consistent leader and take them for daily walks as normal, so they feel safe – you don’t necessarily need toys or to give them special attention!

Your baby’s safety should always come first, and if at any point you feel uneasy about the dog around your baby, you may need to consider finding the dog a new home as an option. Do your best to maintain position as pack leader and this shouldn’t have to happen.


5 tips on juggling family life and your business


For some people the motivation for becoming self-employed is due to either starting a family or to have flexible time so you can spend time with loved ones. For me, the motivation was the excitement of creating a business whilst bringing up 5 children. However, it can sometimes be a test of will power to keep your business momentum up and ensure that your work doesn’t suffer when you are a mum. Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of your working day whilst still being able to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Friends and family

For some reason family and friends (and in some cases clients) think that it is ok to call you up or visit you at any point during the day just because you work from home thinking you must be free to chat?! This can be a nice surprise on the rare occasion but when it becomes a daily occurrence it can be a big distraction, which ultimately takes your time away from your family and friends because you will need to catch up on work in your “free” time.

To help reduce these little distractions and prevent the embarrassment of asking people to leave so you can work, you can designate a time each day that is available for people to pop in or call you or tell them when your working hours are and ask to be visited around these times.

Time management

It has been proven that people work best in the morning and then the work rate and productivity is greatly decreased in the afternoon after lunch. Therefore, it is best to plan your working hours to be around 6 hours long where the main bulk is first thing in the morning so you essentially have a free afternoon. For example, if you aim to start work at 7am and work non-stop without distractions until 1pm you would have done a full day’s work in the morning giving you time to spend with loved ones and do those pesky chores etc. Equally, if you start first thing you can then do the school run both in the morning and afternoon in the knowledge that you have done your work for the day to spend the evening work-free. This way if the sun is shining outside you can still get a decent chunk of sun on your skin without skipping your work because you would have worked during the morning.

Reduce procrastination

Try to work away from the normal family or home hubbub by trying to avoid working at the kitchen table, unless you are disciplined or you will end up cleaning the whole house before sitting down to your business.

Emails and social media

Dedicate allotted times throughout the day that you can read your emails and go on social media. Don’t check emails when it is meant to be family time or when you are meant to be working. You will always get an email when you are supposed to focus on something unrelated but you will feel inclined to answer the email straight away because you have just read it – don’t open and read it until you have finished you task. It will only distract you and turn your attention from what you were currently working on!

Pencil in family activities in the same way as a business meeting.

By making family time a non-negotiable meeting in your business schedule means that you won’t miss out on spending time with your family or that important social activity – that is one of the points that you have become self-employed so you can have more free time to spend with loved ones.

Article written by Sally Hurst from The Old Bag Company – mum of five who designs award-winning, stylish and practical bags, such as oilcloth handbags and canvas beach bags, for busy women and mums.Sally loves all things business and has a passion for encouraging women to be more confident in their businesses!

3 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

3 Ways to Keep Your Family SafeAfter watching the local news for a half hour, many parents will be afraid to let their kids leave the house. But even inside, there are plenty of dangers lurking. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a bodyguard or an IT professional to keep your family safe and be a great parent. Here are three key areas to focus on family security.

1. Keeping Intruders Out

There are lots of practical steps to secure your home front and protect against theft and criminals. Simple things like regularly checking your locks and bolts and making sure your house remains well lit can go a long way in deterring intruders. Small solar lights can light up walkways and steps to help light the house.

Today, most houses have armed security systems with burglar alarms. You can install a great surveillance system that allows you to check in on things from your mobile device when you are out. For finding more details about home security systems, click here.

2. Staying Safe Online

Perhaps the biggest threat comes from inside the home. The Internet is full of predators and hackers from around the world who want to get into your house to steal valuable information and do other malicious things through the web.

Regularly talking to kids and teens about computer use is one of the best ways to open up communication about safety on social networks, games and websites. A good rule is to place the computer in the living room or other high traffic area where parents can keep an eye on the screen. With mobile devices and laptops, it can become more difficult to monitor. Some families decide to rule out using devices in bedrooms. Others install browsing programs like Safe Eyes that protect against explicit content.

Some families meet together to sign a contract about how they will help protect each other from the unfriendly presences on the Internet. The Family Online Safety Institute offer its own family contract to clearly outline how parents can help protect kids and how kids can be wise with their computer use.

3. Don’t Talk to Strangers and Other Rules

Finally, it is important to educate your children about safety when they leave home. A good guideline is to begin by fostering good channels of communication with your kids so that they talk to you about any questions they have or situations that make them feel uncomfortable.

Dr. Laura Markham recommends several rules for every family.

•Prioritize your child—one of the best ways to protect them from predators, bullies, drugs, etc.

•Teach kids how to swim

•Let your children know that their bodies belong to themselves only

•Help your kids develop healthy judgment about places and people

The world can be a scary place, but with these important guidelines to follow, you can help keep your family safe and happy.

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Creating the dream bedroom for your child



A child’s bedroom is a really important place for most children, and if you can decorate it in a way that they like, so much the better. Giving children their own personal space that they have some element of choice and control over can really encourage them to show their independence, in the way they use and look after that space.

Not every child can have their own room, but it’s still possible to personalise their space in a shared bedroom. There are so many beautiful items of furniture and accessories for children’s bedrooms that you could really go to town on decorating and furnishing the room just how they’d like it, but it’s also possible to achieve a lot through accessorising too.

How much input you allow your kids to have on how their bedrooms will look depends on how old they are. For babies and toddlers, you call the shots, obviously, but when kids get a little bit older, they might have quite strong views on how they’d like their bedroom to be. Of course, it’s up to you whether you allow them free rein in choices for their room, but you should always exercise the power of veto over any outlandish decisions that you don’t want in your house. Ideally you can strike a balance so that they have some freedom of choice which will make them feel important and know that their opinions are valued.


Image by jingdianjiaju 

If you don’t know where to start, take a look at sites like where you’ll see a whole range of different room sets, with themes to suit children of all ages. You could choose bedroom furniture that will see a child from being a toddler through to their teenage years – opting for classic wooden beds and wardrobes, for example. But there are also sports car and princess beds, as well as high beds and bunks. If you go for the classic furniture choice, you can always change the accessories, fabrics and soft furnishings to change with your child’s taste over the years. It’s far easier to replace a rug and curtains than it is to buy a whole new set of furniture!


Image by amy.gizienski 

Storage is always an important factor in a child’s bedroom –they accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. If you can provide them with good storage units, then there’s no excuse for a messy bedroom! The wooden shelving units that you can fill with canvas drawers are a really good idea, as some can be left empty and used as shelves for books or to display trophies and ornaments, while others can have coordinating canvas drawers in them to store clothes, toys, etc. These can also be replaced to match your child’s different tastes as they grow.

Whatever you decide to do to decorate a child’s bedroom, getting them involved in some way can make it a fun project that both you and they will enjoy.

7 Car Shopping Tips For New Parents

Going out car shopping is always a fun time as you get to check out all sorts of different car models from different car dealers and private sellers until you end up choosing ‘that’ car!

Just because you are a parent, or you are expecting a newborn soon, doesn’t mean that you still can’t have fun when you go out shopping for suitable family cars!

Image via Flickr

If you are in the process of looking around for a family car, here are 7 helpful tips to ensure that you choose the right car for you and your family, rather than a car the salesperson wants you to buy!

1. Don’t buy a car until you buy a baby seat first

This might sound a bit odd, but let me explain! A large number of people tend to buy a family car first and then a baby seat later on, but the trouble with this is you have no guarantees that the car seat you want to buy will fit your car correctly!

Consider taking the baby seat with you when you go to view cars, so that you can see whether the car is suitable for your baby seat or not.

2. Let your baby test the car out

Should you have a newborn in tow, it is the perfect opportunity for you to fit a car seat into the car you want to buy and strap your baby in so that you can check out whether the car is right for you and your baby.

3. Check out Euro NCAP safety test results

Safety is the top priority when it comes to buying a family car, so before you even head out to look at a particular car you should do some research online first and find out how well it has done in Euro NCAP safety tests.

4. Sit in the back of the car

Rob from recommends that any parent should sit in the back of a car that they are thinking of buying so that they can see whether there is enough space for parent and baby to sit in the back of the car.

5. Consider 4×4 cars

Most families will end up buying estate cars or people carriers, but you should also consider 4×4 cars such as the Land Rover Discovery and the BMW X5. Generally, taller cars are easier to get babies, children and cargo in and out of than ‘lower’ cars like estates, for example.

6. Try to fit your pram or stroller in the boot

Some people opt for buying smaller hatchbacks due to budget constraints or parking limitations where they live. It is important that you buy a car that you, your baby and children, and your pram or stroller can all fit into simultaneously!

7. Check out online reviews from the motoring press

Before you buy any car, you need to determine how reliable it is going to be. Websites such as Parkers are a great free resource for information pertaining to reliability and cost details on a number of popular car models.

Achieving A Happy And Healthy Family

Achieving A Happy And Healthy Family

A parent’s greatest wish is for their children to receive everything they have ever wanted. Even though it is a part of life, parents hate seeing their children hurt, be in pain, or suffer from sickness.

Creating a healthy family atmosphere can provide children with a happy, healthy life.

Family Physician

A key to maintaining a healthy family is to have a family physician. Because a child’s health is extremely important to their growth and health later on in life, having a personal family physician ensures parents that their children are being taken care of. Furthermore, concierge medicine doctors, because of the personal relationship, allow parents to feel at ease when the doctors are giving a check up to their children, for it feels like a family member is looking after them.

The Importance Of Nutrition

Kids can be picky making mealtimes difficult with their stubborn attitudes. With guidance and creativity from their parents, children will find healthy foods they absolutely love—and can’t get enough of.

First and foremost is breakfast. It truly is the most important meal of the day because it dictates the rest of the day. Children and adults need a high fiber breakfast in the morning to give them the energy and nutrients to complete the rest of the day. Even if it is a mad dash to be on time to school, it is essential to take the time to grab a healthy breakfast. Skip the Pop-Tarts and instead stock the kitchen with whole-grain waffles, bananas, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. All of these items can be quickly cooked and eaten on the go to school.

For dinner, involve children in the cooking process. Whether it is simply asking them to choose from a few healthy recipes to giving them tasks to complete in the cooking process, children will be more likely to eat something they have had a hand in.

When it comes to dessert, children should learn about moderation. Instead of allowing children free reign to sweets all of the time, create designated times when sweets are allowed. Whether it is a weekend special or a Wednesday after school treat, having a set time will teach children to choose sweets in moderation.

Being Active

With all of the technology available to kids today, natural outdoor activity is not so natural anymore. Whereas children used to spend hours outside playing and using their imagination, many times they stay inside to play video games.

Involve children in sports or plan family time to take evening walks, hikes, or bike rides. Go to the park and play baseball, soccer, or spend time on the swing set. Children learn by example, thus spending family time in activity together will teach children how much being active is and will carry on with them as they grow.


Apart from physical health, children need to nurture their emotional health. Children adore their parents and need time with their parents. No matter how busy and hectic life gets, time with children should never be cut short.

Having a healthy environment will teach children how to have healthy, happy life.

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