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It’s Time to Hire a Nanny: Here is What You Need to Do

The time has come where you must return to work following your maternity leave. Returning to work is difficult, especially after spending the last several months with your new baby.

Hiring a nanny can be a daunting task to some new parents. Trusting someone they do not know to take care of their new baby would be scary. It is an emotional time for any parent that faces these challenges. However, there is a way to safely and securely hire a nanny that you can start to place your trust in.

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What Qualities Are You Looking For?

First and foremost, you need to have a good think about the qualities that you are looking for within a nanny. Take out your paper and pen, or make a list within a Word document, and start creating your list.

Multiple Interview Process

Once you have created your list, detailed above, you can place your ‘Nanny Required’ advert. Just like you would have applied for a new job, you must put nannies through the same paces.

When you start receiving interest within your advert, conduct a small telephone interview. Make sure you have a list of standardised questions, and fire away at the nanny applicant. Rate their performance and how they answered your questions. Did they make the grade? Make a note on each applicant and make a decision whether you would like to take them through to the next stage of your interview process.

When meeting a nanny for the first time, ensure that it is somewhere local and neutral. Do not bring your baby along to this interview. Again, take the time to get to know the nanny. Ask for references at this point too.

After you have interviewed your nanny candidates, go home and do not read your notes for a day or so. This time allows you to clear your head so you can make informed decisions. Once you have had some time to clear your head, go back to your notes. You can then start to shortlist your nanny candidates. You must make arrangements for background checks on your preferred nannies.

Once you have received the background checks on the nannies, you can invite them back for the final interview. Ideally this should be at your home, together with your baby. If you want to feel a little more safe and secure, ask a family member or trusted friend or neighbour to be with you too.

The final interview stage is all about the connection you and your baby have with the nanny. Each nanny will be qualified enough to look after children, but do they connect with you and the baby? This connection is vital to everyone concerned; you, your baby and your nanny.

Salary Requirements

This is all too often the biggest stumbling block when it comes to hiring a nanny. Just like business, it relies on supply and demand, and experience and qualifications of the nanny. Most salary expectations are flexible. So, do not be afraid to talk finances when interviewing.

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