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The Best Ways to Involve Your Children in Your Wedding Ceremony

If you and your partner have got children that you’d like to include in your wedding ceremony, there’s absolutely no reason you should stick to tradition. There are plenty of inventive ways you can include the kids in your ceremony, and they’re sure to enjoy it a lot more! Here are some great ways you can include them in your wedding ceremony:

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Have Them Hand Out Flowers

As you make your way up the aisle, why not have the kids hand you beautiful flowers from the sidelines? The kids can have a few flowers each, and once they’ve finished handing them to you you’ll have a full bouquet! This can usually bring a tear to the eye of the adults.

Read a Poem

Depending on how old the children are, you could have them read a special poem out on the day. This could be a poem that they like, that means something to you, or one that they’ve written themselves. Perhaps if they play a musical instrument, they could include that too! Weddings are a great place for talented children to show off their skills.

Give the Kids Cameras

Buy a bunch of disposable cameras and give one to each child, telling them to take as many pictures as they like with it. You won’t believe how fun everything looks from their point of view! You’ll get a load of unique pictures that you wouldn’t have got otherwise. No doubt you’ll be able to look back on them one day with a huge smile!

Ring Bearers and Flower Girls

Of course there’s the traditional idea of having the boys as ring bearers and the girls as flower girls. If you feel a little on edge about trusting the boys with the rings, you can always attach them to a necklace or some string to make sure they don’t get misplaced! Whiteflash sell wedding rings in Greater Houston, so maybe have a chat with them about some kind of chain that the rings can be kept on during the ceremony. Perhaps the children can keep this chain afterwards as a lovely keepsake?

Make Sure You Show Your Appreciation

Bear in mind that children don’t always know how to act after the ceremony is finished. The bride and groom walk away, the adults cheer and talk, and the kids don’t know what to do with themselves. Show your appreciation to the children involved by giving them a big cuddle and telling them that they are now free to play.

Get them to Sign Your Record of Marriage

Kids usually love signing the ‘Record of Marriage’, which you can allow anybody to sign. This makes them feel important and can make great photos for the wedding album.

Including the children in the ceremony in a meaningful way, rather than handing out booklets, can be a lot nicer for the children. However, make sure that the children want to be included in the service, otherwise their indifference could show through. I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas!

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