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Revolution Mother

With Family Orbit Your Children Are Never Really Out of Your Sight or Protection

We live in a modern world where technology is a huge part of our everyday life. Most children these days are adept at and enjoy making use of the advances in technology. While the use of a laptop, tablet and depending on their age, smartphone, can be of great benefit to them; it also opens them up to further dangers.

Addressing Very Real Problems

If you are concerned about these dangers, and who really wouldn’t be? Dangers that include cyberbullying and other firms of harassment are rife among young people today. These are the very real risks your children face each time they long and navigate through the online world, you will want to do all you can. However, what is the best approach? There is a line of thought, as with many problems in life, that prevention is the best form of protection.

Introducing Family Orbit

You can use a new child monitoring and parental control app known as Family Orbit as the prevention. This app allows you to, in a non-intrusive and non-disruptive way, monitor your child’s activities online, whether it’s on social media, email or gaming. This means that nothing is left secret or to fester and have negative effects on not just their self-esteem but their mental health and even physical well-being.

When children are harassed, they can so easily become depressed and withdrawn which can have far-reaching consequences and effects that may even stay with them into their adult life. However, using Family Orbit you can stop these issues in their tracks before they take root in your child.

Easy to Use

With the incredibly clever app you can easily locate, monitor and successfully protect all members of your family – particularly the most vulnerable. It enables you to stay connected directly to them always and when you need to, you can locate where they are exactly, share photos and messages with them and vice versa and contact them when an emergency arises.

Further Benefits

The benefits don’t stop there. Do you have a teenager who has recently learned how to drive and passed their test? Are you worried about the possibility that they may not be adhering to the speed limit when they are our from under your watchful eyes? You can use Family Orbit to set an alert that will sound whenever they exceed the speed limit. Although it won’t stop them from speeding, it does alert you to bad habits they may be forming and gives you the information you need to put a stop to it and enforce stricter and safer road safety and driving.

Many parents feel as if they can’t always be there to watch what their children do when their backs are turned. However, with Family Orbit, that’s exactly what they can do. The nice thing is that it does not restrict your children in a negative or unpleasant way, it is just something that can be operating in the background without causing any disruption unless it’s necessary.

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