Why Spimbey is the Way to Go for Kids Play Spaces

Children love an exciting playground. It becomes a new world for them, one of adventure and innovation. Home playground equipment has been standard in terms of choice for many years, but Spimbey – a US company with a range of exciting and fresh products – aims to change things with a great selection of modular kids play furniture. Let’s a have closer look at what makes Spimbey special and why it is making waves in the market.

Where Did Spimbey Start?

Like many great ideas Spimbey was born from CEO Mark’s memories of his childhood spent growing up in Spain and in the Netherlands. Mark and his friend, like all young children, found their excitement in local parks and playgrounds where they imagined entire worlds as kids do, and playthings such as climbing frames became soaring castles in their adventure world.

As some of the most wonderful memories of his childhood Mark wanted to recreate the experience for his son. However, the outdoor play furniture Mark considered was all large, overbearing, and expensive. He set about designing his own and built what would be the inspiration for Spimbey in his back yard.

Soon, parents of his son’s friends began asking where they could buy this beautifully made, attractive and practical wooden playset. That’s when Mark realized there is a market for these products. What makes Spimbey different to other outdoor kid’s playsets?

What is Special about Spimbey Play Sets?

The basic element of the Spimbey innovation lies in the modular nature of each part. The range includes a playhouse, swings, slides, seats and more, and many parts can be bought separately – if you simply want an attractive playhouse that can be purchased on its own – or as one of many different combinations.

Each part of the Spimbey set can be attached to the others, creating an all-in-one integrated play area that will thrill children of younger ages. This allows for the perfect use of space and a cost-effective solution that will last for many years.

Spimbey and Ethical Sourcing

One of the primary aims of Spimbey is to ensure that all of its products are made from ethically sourced materials. Wood comes from 100% responsible mills and forest projects, which was one of Mark’s main focuses when designing the products.

What makes Spimbey even more impressive is that the roof and wall panels come pre-assembled to cut down on the time spent erecting the structure. Designed by a team in Switzerland, safety is also paramount with Spimbey products which meet all the relevant regulatory requirements for children’s playthings of this type.

Available in a choice of colors and with a lifetime warranty, all Spimbey modular parts are pre-labelled, drilled, sanded and ready to put together using the clear and simple instructions.

If you want to know more about Spimbey modular kids play furniture we recommend you check out the website where there are plenty of excellent images and detailed information on the full product range.