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Revolution Mother

Why Professional Interior Design is Worth the Investment

When it comes to redesigning a room, or even getting the design right for an entire house, it is tempting to try and do it all by yourself. After all, you know what you want and where, so why not just go ahead? That’s all very well, but what if you could engage the services of an expert interior designer and take things up a level? Put it this way – you pay a hairdresser to do your hair!

There are some people who are simply better at designing and arranging interiors, and that’s why they are the professionals. What benefit do you get from using the services of an interior designer? First, you get their expertise in utilising the available space to the best effect. Then, you get the advantage of them having contacts in the fields involved – think furnishing, decoration, electronics, even construction – that you don’t have. Plus, you get the knowledge of someone who will work with you and listen to your ideas, then perfect them and put them into place.

The only problem is finding an interior designer who you can rely on to deliver the goods in a professional fashion at a sensible price, but we think we can help you there!

Edinburgh Interiors Experts

We’d like to suggest you take a look at the interior design portfolio of Gayfield Design, who operate in and around the Edinburgh area. They have many satisfied clients who have used their services to redesign single rooms, entire houses – sometimes working in listed and historic buildings – and also operate a consultancy service, so you can have them perfect your ideas and then put them into practice yourself, or use your own contractors to do the job.

Gayfield Design has access to the very best craftsmen in all the fields needed to execute interior design solutions, and you can consult with them on everything from carpentry to lighting, and they will be happy to discuss your ideas with you and offer their own solutions as to the best way to finish your project.

On Site Workshop

A further benefit of using Gayfield Design is that they also have a workshop on site, in which expert seamstresses can create handmade soft furnishings, blinds and curtains, so you have wonderful bespoke designs that are unique and of the highest quality. It is detail touches such as these that really makes Gayfield Design stand out from the crowd.

Interior design is not just decorating, it is an art in its own right. The talent of the expert will shine through in the final result, and even if you use Gayfield Design only for consultancy, you will be amazed how they can turn your ideas into reality improving on them all the while.

Whether you have one or two rooms or a whole house you need remodelling, talk to the team now and see how they can help, and you will soon see just how much you can gain from using the professionals.

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