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Which Egg Donation Clinic in Spain Should I Choose?   


Spain is one of the most frequently chosen locations for IVF with egg donation. Patients are drawn to the Iberian Peninsula by the clinics’ experience, high success rates and a large number and variety of egg donors. However, the cost of treatment in Spain isn’t the lowest in Europe. One cycle of IVF with egg donation costs approximately 7,500 EUR. Having said that, you can find egg donation treatment in Spain for as little as 5,000 EUR or as much as 10,000 EUR.

Egg donation clinics in Spain

There are 166 egg donation clinics in Spain. Most of them are located in large towns such as Barcelona, Madrid or Alicante. With such a large number of IVF clinics available, choosing the right one isn’t easy. When searching for a clinic most patients take into consideration the cost of treatment, success rates and location. There are also other factors to look into such as whether the clinic has an international medical team. After all, even the best doctor can’t help you if you won’t be able to communicate.

A good place to start when looking for an IVF clinic is a large and trustworthy internet database. If you are interested in egg donation in Spain make sure to check out It’s a great website with loads of information about egg donation abroad, including Spain. Most of all, it’s probably the biggest database of clinics with egg donation programs in the world.

Comparing egg donation clinics in Spain

To start you off in your search, we have found some egg donation clinics in Spain which are worth recommending. Read on to see what you should have in mind when researching fertility clinics abroad.

IMFER – Instituto Murciano de Fertilida

This patient-friendly IVF clinic is definitely an experienced one. It was founded in 1998 by dr Antonio Collizo who had been working in the field of infertility long before the clinic was established. IMFER is a good choice for international patients since it has a special department devoted solely to foreign patients. Each international patient at the clinic gets an assigned treatment coordinator who is there to support and help the person throughout treatment, as well as acts as an interpreter during visits. The International Coordination Department can also help you arrange your trip and stay in Spain.

ProcreaTec Clinic

ProcreaTec is a good choice for patients looking for a clinic in a convenient location, since it is placed in the capital of Spain – Madrid. The clinic offers treatment at a very high standard and has many awards and certificates, including the Merck Serono Award for Innovation, Quality and Image in Assisted Reproduction and ISO accreditation. Procreatec treats international patients with great pleasure and professionalism. Since its opening in 2008 more than half of the Clinic’s patients have been from abroad.

IVF Spain

IVF Spain has an experienced and multilingual medical team with years of experience in treating international patients. It is located in the center of Alicante with hotels and restaurants near the Clinic. IVF Spain offers a free on-line in vitro test and skype consultation to provide you with answers regarding fertility treatment and the most suitable type of treatment for you. The Clinic specializes in most types of assisted reproduction techniques including IVF, egg donation and PGD.

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