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What Is It Like To Live With A Partner In The Armed Forces?

If your husband is one of the many brave people who work for our armed forces, it could place a massive strain on your relationship. Not only will they be away for long periods, but you will worry about whether or not they will return home safely. Today, I’m going to highlight what it is like to live with a partner in the armed forces. I hope doing that will make people more aware of the stresses involved.

Anyone who chooses to join the military should be commended for their actions. As an Army, Navy, or Air Force wife, you’ll have to get used to supporting your partner and being there when they need you. It is possible you might only get to spend a few months together each year, so you need to make them count.

The Loneliness

There can be no avoiding the fact that people who live with partners in the military feel lonely a lot of the time. That is especially the case if there are children involved. Bringing up kids on your own can be very stressful, and you will sometimes wish their father was around to help share the burden. However, there is a simple and fantastic solution to the issue. Ultris Oakleaf Plantation and various other communities in the US are designed specifically to house the families of military personnel. That means buying a property in one of those towns in a wise move. Most of your neighbors will be in the same position, and so you will find ways of supporting one another.



The National Guard

The Worry

While your partner might be able to send letters once or twice each month, you won’t hear from them very often. That is just one of the downsides to being on duty in different countries. Some ladies find that being away from their armed forces husband can mean they spend a lot of time worrying. That is completely normal. When all’s said and done, your loved one is putting themselves in danger in order to protect their people. Many servicemen come home with injuries every single year, and so there is a high likelihood the same could happen to your partner. Opting to get in touch with a therapist could ensure you develop the right coping mechanisms for dealing with that worry. Also, keeping in close contact with their employers will mean you hear about any negative incidents quickly.

The Joy

Outside of military situations, most couples will never experience the level of joy you get when your partner comes home. You will be so thrilled to see them that it could become a rather emotional experience. There is nothing quite as exciting as waiting out on the driveway with your kids for their father’s return. So, it’s not all bad news. While you could buy a family pet to give your children something to focus on when their dad is away on duty, it’s never going to replace the real thing.

Now you know what it is like to live with a partner in the armed forces, we think you should be in a better position to deal with the issue if your husband decides to sign up. Thanks for reading today girls. This post should have given some hope to those who will be affected in the future.


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