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Revolution Mother

Use Old Cotton, Canvas, or Jute Bags to Make Unique Plant Hangers




One of the best things about the cotton, jute, and canvas bags that we sell is the fact that they can last for ages before ever wearing out. However, nothing last forever, and there will come a time when your bag is no longer fit for purpose. Cotton, jute, and canvas are all recyclable, but you can also repurpose bags made from these materials by yourself. For example, you can use a couple to create a unique, eco-friendly hanger for a plant.

Start by taking your cotton, jute, or canvas bag and then ripping it into thick strips that are around 6 feet in length. You can then start to twist them until they form into thinner, rope-like lengths. Use other smaller pieces to tie up your rope at regular intervals in order to stop it becoming untangled. Continue until you have 6 of these.

When you’ve done this, lie all of those cords together so they meet at the middle, then use some more small strips to tie the middles together. You should be left with twelve 3-foot long ends extending from the centre.

Next, divide those lengths into four groups of three, then braid them together. Take your plant pot and place it on top, then divide the strands and knot between the braids. You can continue doing this until you’ve created a mesh around the pot that holds it securely.

Finally, use another bag to create four separate cotton, jute, or canvas ropes. These will be used to attach the net holding your plant pot to the hanger, so the length you choose will depend on how high or low you want your plant to be hung. Tie these across from each other along the netting, then tie them all together at the top, taking care to keep each rope to an equal length to avoid having the finished product looking lopsided.

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