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The Parent’s Guide To Moving To New York

Moving with kids. It is never easy. Not even approaching it. If you didn’t already have to handle the stress of moving, you’ve got children to contend with. Say you’re moving from the middle of nowhere to a big city like New York. Not only do you have to contend with the trip there, but moving in.


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Nobody drives in New York. You’ll have to get used to that fact first of all. Getting the little ones around is going to require some serious work. Not only do you have to keep your eyes on them constantly, you need to get them accustomed to walking and using the subway.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves a little though. Let’s focus on where you’ll be staying. New York is a veritable candy land of homes. You’ve got classical townhouses towards the centre, and detached suburban homes out in the suburbs and surrounding areas.

Now if you’re coming to New York will all the things in your old house, you’re going to want somewhere unfurnished. New York apartments can be small depending on your price range. Moving into furnished rentals in NYC can be easy, so long as you’re not bringing a lot with you.

For moves to big cities like New York, it’s best to cut your losses and only bring the essentials. You could sell your furniture and unneeded items before you leave for the city. It’ll hopefully add a little helping bit of cash to your moving fund. Maybe use it on an AC system for those hot summers.

New York can be expensive. Whether you’re working yourself or staying at home caring for your children, you need to find ways of making money. Babysitting and child minding are a good way to bring in a little extra income, without sacrificing your own time with your children. If they’re before school age, becoming a childminder can be very beneficial.

If they’re already at school age and you’re not looking to care for children other than you own, the jobs market in New York is overflowing with good work. Provided you’re qualified and have a good work ethic, that is.

You’re ideally going to want to find a job that allows you to drop off and pick up the children from school. A 9-5 might not allow you the freedom to do this. When you’re looking for work, be sure to look for flexible hours. A lot of employers these days are forgiving to personal schedules, and will accommodate you if possible.

As for the city itself, try not to see all of New York all in one try. You’re a resident now, not a tourist. Life is going to get boring pretty quickly if you see all the sights in one weekend. Space the trips out. Have around two a month.

See the Empire State, and then take a boat trip out to the Statue of Liberty. Go hang around Times Square, or see a show on Broadway. Don’t think you have to do all of it either. Hopefully, you’ve got the rest of your life to explore the city of New York.

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