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The Only Guide to Dressing Your Bed You Will Ever Need

Your bed is the centre of your bedroom. It’s the first thing you or anyone else looks at as they walk into the room, and it’s where you lay your head at night. Since it’s such a big feature of your bedroom, it’s important that you pay special attention to it when you decorate. You probably don’t use it much during the day, so it should look good instead of looking like it’s taking up much-needed space. You might choose to go simple, with a sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase combination and no other frills. Or you might go all out and decorate with throws, quilts, throw cushions and blankets that you need to remove before you can go to bed. There is a range of things to consider, from bed frames right down to the smallest details.


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Bed Frames and Mattresses

The first thing that you want to choose when setting up your bed is a bed frame. This is your starting point for the perfect bed. Think about who your bed is for and what you want it to do. If you need it to have storage space, do you want a divan bed with drawers or will you just keep things under the frame? Your bed frame could be metal, wood, leather or a combination of materials. Choose a frame that will fit with the vision of your room. A wrought-iron frame might not suit an ultra-modern style. Don’t forget to consider your mattress too. You won’t see its colour under your sheet, but you should still think about the height and size of it. For example, do you want it to rise over the bed frame or site inside it?


If your bed doesn’t come with a built-in headboard, you might want to consider adding one. They’re available in all shapes and sizes, as well as a number of different materials. It can stand out against the colour of your walls and bed, or it could subtly blend in. A large leather headboard can have a dramatic effect. Padded fabric headboards are great for a vintage theme, while wooden headboards can look either rustic or glossy and modern. If you want to get really creative, make a headboard out of books, a large mirror, a painting or anything else you can think of.

Runners and Throws

As well as your usual bedding, you can get decorative with runners and throws at the end of the bed. Throws can also double up as an extra layer if it gets chilly. They should go well with the rest of your bedding, either matching or contrasting nicely. Runners and throws make great accents, to add a splash of colour or a different pattern. Match them to your headboard or maybe even to the walls, with a lighter or darker colour on the rest of the bedsheets. If you like sewing and doing crafts, making your own bed runner is a fairly simple project to help you decorate your bedroom, all you need is a few tutorials and the best overlocker for your needs.

Throw Pillows

Like bed runners and bedspreads, throw pillows and cushions are usually purely for decorative purposes. Some people love to pile their bed with throw cushions, but it can be a pain to remove them every night and put them back on every morning. Throw cushions are great for building up the dimensions and texture of a bed, so it doesn’t look so flat. Plus, if you sit on your bed during the day or before going to sleep it gives you something to lean on. If you decide to use throw cushions, it’s a good idea to have somewhere to store them at night. A trunk at the end of the bed always looks great, but you can also use the storage under the bed. Just don’t throw them on the floor!


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Sheets, Duvet Covers and Pillowcases

If you’re choosing to keep things simple, then your sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are important. With no extra frills to embellish them, they’re the only thing making your bed look good. Go for some designer homewares to make sure your bedding is of top-notch quality. You should have several sets, either all the same or each of them matching the theme of your bedroom. Being able to match your bed to your room in a few different ways is fun, and this is easier if you stick to a simple set of bedding. Remember to think about how they feel, and not just how they look. You don’t want to buy a set of gorgeous satin sheets, only to find that they’re much too cold and slippery.

Quilts and Blankets

Perhaps when you dress your bed you prefer not to go the duvet route. Many people find having a single thick layer isn’t for them, and they prefer a number of thinner layers. This method makes it easier to add and remove layers as the seasons change. It’s also great for adding a layered effect to your bed.


You don’t have to have a four-poster bed to hang some dramatic curtains, although it does help. Curtains are great for a period look, or for making your bedroom seem like an exotic getaway. If you don’t have a four-poster bed, there are plenty of ways you can hang a canopy or curtains without one. One way is to use your headboard to give the appearance of curtains. After all, they’re really for decoration rather than for actually drawing shut. If you want a full set of drapes, you can hang L-shaped curtain rods from the ceiling, so your curtains hang around the bed. Simply draping some fabric over some curtain rods from the ceiling gives a great canopy effect too. Or you can buy a ready-made “princess” style canopy, like the ones that are very popular for little girls’ beds.

However you dress your bed, make sure your spare sheets fit in with the design scheme too. You don’t want to mess up your hard work just because it’s laundry day!

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