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Revolution Mother

The Advantages Of Raising A Family In The Country

City or town life isn’t to everyone’s taste. We are often forced to live close to where we work because of the high cost of the daily commute. Sometimes, however, an opportunity arises where we may get a chance to move to a home in the country with our family.



If you had a golden opportunity to get away and live in the countryside, would you take it? If you are undecided, read on. You will find here, some of the advantages of country life that you may not have considered before. I hope you will see that it is a wise move.

Property Prices

Visit an estate agents in Barkingside, and you will see that some country residences are going for a bargain price compared to a comparable home in the city. You will be able to get a house with acres of land for the same price as a small flat in London, for example. If your family has taken up all of the space in your existing home, think what the country has to offer.

Good Health

How can living in a big town or city be good for you when traffic is polluting the air constantly. If you were to breath all of the gasses from the exhaust pipe of a car, you would be dead in less than a minute. So the emissions from thousands of cars that pass you in a day must affect your health. It is a fact that childhood asthma rates are rising, and pollution probably has much to do with it. Can you imagine the effect clean air will have on you every day of your life? The kids will probably be more active than before, and you may have fewer headaches.

The children will get much more exercise in the country too. There is a huge area to explore out there, and they will have great fun doing it. Instead of watching television they will be able to spend their days running and walking; a compelling argument.


You and your family will be closer to nature and see things you never knew existed. There are lots of animals living out there that you will never get to see in town. If you live near a river, you will probably see an otter some time, as well as an abundance of fish. Squirrels abound, and hedgehogs will visit your garden every night.


Many people who head to the wilds automatically become a little more self-sufficient. Growing your own food is easy when you have plenty of land. Your first crop could supply all of the vegetables you need for next year if you learn how to blanch and freeze them. Because there are no immediate neighbours, you could keep chickens without disturbing other people. Protect them well because there will be a fox about that will kill them all if it can. Many people keep one or two pigs. Those who choose not to name them can fill their freezer with pork after a year or so.

Are you convinced? I haven’t mentioned the dark sky or the peace and quiet out there. The downsides are too few to mention, so move when you can, and live a better life. I hope I can one day. Well, we can all dream.

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