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Surviving as a Student in Bolton


Studying in Bolton can be an enriching experience for any student and you’ll find the town has an active nightlife and plenty of entertainment to enjoy throughout the day. Of course, finding somewhere to live will be your primary consideration, but, once you’ve found your student accommodation Bolton can be explored to the full!

There are plenty of big supermarkets in and around Bolton, and, if you want to make your money stretch further, you’ll learn to shop wisely and take advantage of offers and discounts from some of the bigger stores. Tesco, Farm Foods, Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Aldi will be ideal for regular shopping trips and stocking up on freezer foods helps ensure you will never go hungry, even if you run out of ready cash. Shopping at smaller, local shops or grocery stores can be convenient, but you won’t find these shops provide the choice or discounts available from larger stores.

Some of the popular pubs in Bolton include the Dragonfly, which has special offers on spirits at £3 for a double on Wednesday nights. It also hosts a popular quiz night on Sundays. Yates’s on Bradshawgate often send promotional staff around campus giving out tokens for cheaper drinks. Yates’s also offer bargain meals which are great for hungry students; different £3.25 special meals are available daily. The Blind Tiger on Nelson Street is popular with students, as it offers live music and a student Rawkus Club night every Wednesday with alternative music and cheap offers on drinks before 11pm.

Bolton is only 15 minutes away from the centre of Manchester, and it’s easy to get to Manchester using public transport, so you can enjoy nights out in the city on a regular basis. Flash Saturdays at the Milton Club and student nights at the Tiger Tiger club are popular venues with students living in the Bolton area.

You’re sure to find heaps of ways to cut costs when you live in Bolton, as the town caters to the student lifestyle and the people are really friendly too.

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