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Six Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Safe at Home

Six Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Safe at Home

As homeowners’ and parents’ top priority, home security, or a lack thereof, is of major concern. There are simple, effective ways to bring home security into your house that take little time and money in order to keep your family safe.

Here are the top six:

1.  Security System

A home security system is one of the best security tools, for the alarm alerts you, the alarm company, and the police that someone has broken into your home while alerting the burglar that the police are on their way. One of the best ways to find a great deal on a security system is to do an online keyword search such as security systems in Waltham or something of the like. You’ll find information on the best products, installation guides, and the best companie

2. Dog

Even if your dog wouldn’t actually hurt a fly, if it has a good bark, burglars will stay away. Dogs add a layer of protection to the home, because most burglars do not want to risk being attacked by a dog. To burglars, the home is not worth the hassle of having to fight a vicious dog. Some of the best friendly yet protective breeds are German Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Saint Bernards.

3. Doors and Locks

Replace old or hollow-core doors, for they are easy to kick in or break through. Solid wood doors or metal-clad doors are a better option, for they are nearly impossible for someone to kick in. And, change the locks in your house, especially if you recently moved in. This ensures you and your family are the only ones with keys to your house.

4.  Lock Your Doors

Now that you have a new door, lock it. It’s a simple concept, but when distracted it can be an easy habit to forget. Most burglars are looking for a quick and easy entrance into a home. Most robberies are not well thought out, and a burglar is looking for some quick cash or expensive items he or she can pawn off. If the doors are locked and the blinds are drawn at night, burglars will most likely skip to another house that is more accessible.

5. Join a Neighborhood Watch Program

Most neighborhoods have a program like this that helps to build a community-oriented neighborhood and reduce crime in the area. Often times neighbors notice something unusual happening at a neighbor’s house, but because they do not know the neighbor personally, they ignore it in order not to inconvenience anyone. Getting to know your neighbors can save your house from a break-in, especially while on vacation. Ask them to keep an eye out on your home, pick up your paper, or grab your mail.

6. Upgrade Your House Number

When there is an emergency, it’s important the police and fire department are able to see your home’s street number easily in the dark. Many fire departments, city, or county governments sell inexpensive reflective street numbers, which makes your house number much more obvious to officials.

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