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Saving Money and Caring for Your Hair


With a hair care industry that tops $19 billion each year, according to Business Wire, it’s no wonder you feel you’re spending a fortune to maintain your locks. From haircuts to products like shampoo and gel, your expenses can quickly add up. The good news is you don’t have to shell out a lot of dough to look good. In an industry where hair care product sales within salons comprise 15 percent of all revenue in this country, you can find alternatives to hair care that won’t break the bank. Here are some tips on how you can lower the costs of your beauty routine without sacrificing quality.

Get Egg in Your Hair

Natural food products like eggs can be tremendous for your hair. This is because the egg yolk provides natural protein that strengthens the hair shaft, making for a low-cost hair moisturizer, says Woman’s Day. Additionally, egg whites feature oil-fighting enzymes that keep bacteria at bay. If you’ve got oily hair, go for the egg whites. Got dry locks? Go with the yolks. To prepare, apply the egg (approximately a half cup) to your head right after a shower. Rinse after 15 minutes using shampoo and cool water, never hot.

Lemons can Fight Dandruff

A mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can ward off those annoying white flakes, a result of stress, diet, genetics and even your local climate. The acidity in lemons balances the pH of your scalp and olive oil provides a natural moisturizing agent.

Awesome Avocado

If you have frizzy hair, no worries! Cut an avocado in half, mix up the contents, and massage it on your scalp. After 15 minutes or so, rinse it out. You will be amazed at how cuddly your curls are.

Natural Elements

According to Amy’s Skin Care (, if you still cling to store-bought products, there are many affordable options out there. You just have to know which ones to look for. Keep an eye out for hair care products that have natural ingredients such as sheĆ”, aloe, coconut and cocoa butter. Coconut milk shampoo, for instance, is a great moisturizer with a soothing scent that will leave your hair smelling fresh, says Elle. Another low-cost option is avocado butter that comes in a convenient tube for less than $10.

It’s easy to strip the oil from your hair when you over-style and shampoo every single day. Give your hair a rest in between by only washing every other day. Just by shampooing a few times a week instead of seven, you can save on the amount of product you have to buy.

When it comes to expensive treatments — shampoos, conditioners, mousses and gels — taking a frugal approach to hair care can be easy. You just have to get creative and not be afraid to try new things. Hit your local drug store to peruse the options available to you. By comparing prices and ingredients, you can settle on the best hair care products for your type of hair — whether dry and brittle or straight and oily. Affordable hair care treatments work just as well as the top of the line stuff, keeping more money in your wallet and your hair looking great. To complement your low-cost hair regimen, consider affordable laser hair removal as well!

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