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Preparing Your Child Before You Get a Dog


A dog can be a wonderful addition to any family. There are proven health benefits to having a good relationship with a pet, and for kids, growing up with their own dog can give them some great memories, help them learn about animals and responsibility, and give them a friend they can play with! A dog is also great because it means you and your family have to take regular walks to make sure that the dog gets enough exercise, so it can also keep you in shape and make sure you spend some good quality time together!

Puppies and Kids

Raising a dog from a puppy can be an even more rewarding experience because you and your kids get to help and watch the animal grow and learn. You can find puppies for sale on sites like or you can try and adopt one from a local shelter.

Of course, while most kids love dogs, bringing a new pet into the home can be unsettling, both for the animal and for the child. It is really important to prepare your kids for life with a dog, and make sure they know how to handle it properly before the pet comes into your lives.

Puppies Are Not Toys

One of the first things to make sure a young child understands is that while a puppy is cute, funny and fluffy, it is an animal and can bite or scratch. Reinforce that puppies can feel pain and fear just like people can, and should not be handled roughly or boisterously. Teach them the difference between petting and playing with the dog and handling it in a way that will cause it discomfort and may make it lash out.

Puppies Can Be Noisy and Destructive

If your child is sensitive or shy, make sure they are prepared for the fact that puppies can bark and generally make noise, but that this is nothing to be scared of. Also, make sure children are aware that puppies don’t know any better when it comes to chewing and destroying things they find lying around, so it is very important to tidy up their toys and make sure the puppy can’t get to them. This will save any tears when a favorite toy is chewed up, and also save the puppy ingesting anything harmful.

Talk About Feeding

Kids may find it fun to give their puppy treats, so it is important to make sure they know not to feed the puppy randomly, and that some foods like chocolate are not safe for dogs. You will probably want to use treats for training your dog, so you won’t want the kids undoing your hard work by giving treats randomly!

Getting a new puppy is an exciting experience for a child, but make sure they are well prepared so that it can go smoothly without the child or dog becoming afraid or the child doing anything that will conflict with your dog training plans!

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