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My Guide To Tackling The Cold Weather This Winter



I love my house because I have worked hard at transforming it into an amazing home over the years. Still, no matter how much I try, I can never seem to tackle the annoying problems that always crop up. And, now that winter is approaching, these problems only intensify. There is something about freezing temperatures that make them even more annoying. As you can tell, they can get under my skin! Luckily, I have researched and come up with a few tricks of my own that I am willing to share. The following should help your home in its upcoming winter battle!  

Tighten Up!

The autumn and winter months are the time that you cannot afford any slack in your home. Before you know it, the cold descends and causes havoc. My favourite yet most basic tip is to assess the strong and weak areas. Obviously, the strong areas are fine. But, the weak areas need addressing. I often find that the windows are the main culprits. Cold air comes in through poorly fastened windows and hot air escapes. A slab of double-glazed glass should do the trick if that sounds like a relatable problem.

Keep The Central Heating Turned On

Ah, the central heating is a Godsend when the weather turns frosty. I honestly do not know how I would cope without it! Although there is nothing better than a warm house, heating plays another central role. As any plumbing expert will tell you, metal pipes contract during the winter due to the cold. Then, when they expand again they burst and water seeps everywhere. The heat from the water stops the pipes from shrinking and keeps them frosting over. You don’t have to keep it on all day, just for short bursts during the day.

Start A Draft

By draft, I mean a draft of warm air. Again, this is meant to tackle the pipe situation and stop them from freezing. By opening the door to the attic and roof or keeping the cupboards under the sink ajar, the hot air can get to the pipes. As a result, they can maintain a steady temperature.

Decorate Strategically

The style and tone of your interior design choices can play a big part in heat retention. Certain features and colour schemes are well known for reflecting and absorbing heat. For example, on the inside of your home it is wise to decorate with dark, matte colours during the winter. That way, the heat will not reflect off the surfaces and go to waste. Also, you want absorbing colours on the exterior of your property.

Repair Any Damages

The simplest and easiest method is to repair any obvious damages. Some are not easy to spot like the loss of heat from the windows, doors or roof. Some are that conspicuous you could spot them from space! A gap in the roof or a crack in the window needs repairing ASAP. Otherwise, you will welcome the cold weather in with open arms.

Hopefully, these little tricks will make your winter more comfortable!


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