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Money saving plans for a better home in 2016


Now that the festive season is fading into the distance, many of us will be looking ahead to the new year with plans for fun holidays and home renovation.

However, it’s a common habit for many of us to overspend during the Christmas period, and whether or not the third Monday in January really is the unhappiest day of the year is up for debate. The simple fact is that most of us feel a little financially vulnerable in January.

But with some of these money saving tips, we should all be able to make some great home improvements in 2016!

Regular savings

The simplest way to save money is to give yourself a realistic target. Whether it’s something as simple as putting aside £20 each week from your wages, the amounts can swiftly add up and can make the perfect fund for getting that exquisite piece of bedroom furniture.

Although it can be tempting to dip into these weekly savings, it’s a good idea to keep things separate from your current account which is why savings accounts are the way forward. Despite the bewildering array of options, there are numerous resources such as the Money Saving Expert’s savings account guide that aim to demystify this process and help you save up towards some serious home improvements.

Keeping costs down

As well as putting money aside on a regular basis, basic costs of living should be examined to see if there’s anything that could be done to limit expenditure. Whether it’s draught-proofing your home in a bid to keep the infamous winter fuel bills down, or even buying your non-perishable groceries in bulk, a little bit of forward-planning can go a long way in helping you keep your pennies in your pocket.

Of course, there are certain pieces of furniture that everyone will have to invest in every now and then. And whilst a four-poster super king-size bed might be attractive, for most of us it’s more beneficial to think more sensibly and invest in the likes of the reliable yet cheap bed frames that can be found at the Bedstar website that further illustrates the internet’s impressive ability to help us hunt for some handy home bargains.

Taking advantage of offers

January is also the time of year where many furniture retailers will seek to provide some serious money saving offers. And whilst trawling around the high street used to be the preferred method of finding a bargain, the best offers can now usually be found in the online domain.

Bargain hunting has also got a whole lot easier with the likes of the Google Honey extension that can easily be installed into your Chrome browser to help you hunt down some of those money-saving voucher codes that can be applied for a huge selection of goods, whether it be a bed frame, a hatstand, or even just a brand new pair of winter socks!

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