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Middle School: 9 Tips to Write Essay Fast


If there is one thing that every student wishes they had more than anything is all the time in the world to do their essay. This is not the case and time stops for no one. There comes a time when a student has to finish their essay quickly due to an impending deadline set by their tutor. Below are a few tips that can help a student with writing essays fast and professionally from scratch.

#1. Stay away from social media and your phone

We live in a technological world and our phones have become an important part of our life, especially with the rise of social media as a means of communication. It is not a good idea to have your phone close by when writing your essay because you will easily be distracted by apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, and Twitter. To fully focus on your essay and get it done quickly, switch off your phone or put it on Do Not Disturb. This will let you fully focus on what you are writing rather than socialize while the clock is ticking.

#2. Have all the books you need for your essay close by

If you have all the books you need close by when writing an essay will really speed up the process because you will not have to be running up and down looking for them. All you have to do is simply prepare a nice workspace and open all the books on the most important pages. This saves you plenty of time hunting through the main points you want all the time. It is a very simple concept but a very effective one as far as getting your essay written faster is concerned.

#3. Reference your essay as you write

Referencing work is a requirement and must be done properly in order to pass an essay and you will save yourself plenty of time if you do this as you go. Whenever you quote something from an author, add the reference straight away by simply copying and pasting the book details.

#4. Try and proofread your essay as you write

Similar to the point above, you will need to proofread your work to make sure it is free of grammar and spelling mistakes. Before moving on to a new paragraph or chapter, it doesn’t hurt to give what you have written to that point a quick read and correct any mistakes. You will finish your essay a lot quicker and save yourself plenty of time because you will have already checked and taken out any grammar mistakes

#5. Have a positive mindset and start your essay well in advance

When you begin your assignment way early and have a positive mindset, you will realize that ideas will be following quickly. This will enable you to finish your essay much faster because you are not panicking and you know full well you have enough time on your hands to produce something amazing. You have to be positive and not feel defeated at all, instead, you should embrace the challenge at hand, remain calm, start well in advance and you should finish your essay quicker.

#6. Under your essay question carefully and dedicate an hour a day to your writing process

When you are feeling the pressure of the essay deadline looming it is easy to just scan through the question and not fully understand the requirements. This is a massive mistake because you end up writing something that is way off the mark. Begin by reading the question properly and understand what the requirements are before you begin. This will put you in focus mode and you will able to produce a very good essay. Once you understand and know what you have to write, dedicate an hour a day to type your essay. An hour might not seem like a long time but if you do that over the course of a week you will see massive progress and your essay will be done a lot quicker.

#7. Have a break when you need to

When you are pressed for time this point doesn’t seem to make sense however, the last thing you want is to burn yourself out. When you are suffering from burning out, your essay will not be done any quicker because you are low on energy. The human body needs the energy to remain focused and if you take a break in between typing your essay, you will give your body time to refocus and rest. This will give you a massive boost to get your essay done quicker and be super productive as you are not burnt out.

#8. You are more than welcome to use Google to find information quickly

If you are looking for information you are failing to find in books, Google is your best friend. You can use Google Scholar when you can to find any missing information you need to add value to your essay. Just make sure that anything taken from Google is properly referenced.

#9. Make sure you eat and are properly hydrated

Writing an essay on an empty stomach or thirsty is not a good idea because it will slow you down massive. Before you begin, make sure you have some snacks and drinks close by to maintain your energy levels because you need to be in tip-top condition to finish your essay faster.

If you are in middle school and struggling to get your essay off the ground, the 9 tips above should help you on your way. If you follow them religiously, you will realize that you will be finished with your essay in time allowing you to focus on other things revolving around your personal life like family and friends.

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