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Looking for Skin Care Products that Actually Work


Lots of people are looking for skin care products with anti-aging properties, but how to sort through all of options out there to find one that actually works?

First things first—I’m a fairly skeptical person. I don’t accept everything manufacturers say about their products hook, line and sinker. In other words, I won’t substitute my judgement for a company’s judgement—particularly if their opinion relates to their own products. To get me to open my wallet, companies need to show me rather than just tell me.

I’ve personally combed over various websites to look for products with anti-aging ingredients, and I’ve stumbled across lots of sites making all sorts of claims.

One that caught my eye, though, was the Alleure site that sells Alleure Anti-Aging Creme and Alleure Anti-Aging Eye Serum. One of the things that led me to investigate more was the fact that the Alleure products are considerably less expensive than most high-end anti-aging creams that have many of the same ingredients. But what good are cheaper products if they don’t work? So I needed to dig a little bit deeper.

After doing some additional research, I discovered that the Alleure products both include an ingredient called black diamond powder. This ingredient penetrates pores and crevasses, absorbs fluorescent light and, as a result, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It’s supposed to leave skill feeling smoother and more radiant.

As well as black diamond powder, the products also include natural extracts, antioxidants, oils and more to hydrate skin so that it stays healthy and firm, and so that it can ward off wrinkles.

Though I still have a healthy dose of skepticism, I have to admit, after verifying on other sites that the ingredients like black diamond powder do provide the benefits advertised on the Alleure site, that there may be something to the Alleure products after all.

Alleure Anti-Aging Eye Serum is designed to target and eliminate the dark circles and fine lines that typically form around the eyes. The ingredients have properties that help with collagen strength, hydration and skin protection from things like toxins and free radicals. It also contains two types of plant-based hydrolized proteins that provide benefits like nourished skin, a natural shine and protection against skin damage that typically happens at various stages of life. Meanwhile, Alleure Anti-Aging Creme is designed to specifically remove blemishes that usually appear on the forehead and around the lips. Its ingredient list also gets a passing grade since I’ve been able to cross reference it with non-affiliated websites that cover these types of ingredients.

I’m serious considering giving them a try. Alleure’s risk-free trial is one motivation for trying them out. If they don’t work, I’ll quit post-trial.

If any of you have used the black diamond powder-based products before, please post your comments so that I and your fellow readers can consider your first-hand assessment.

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