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Large Size Diaper Bag with Changing Pad Included

Keeping your baby happy can be a nightmare when you are on the move! Whether you’re visiting friends, at the shops or out with the family, you just know that baby is going to need changing at just the most awkward moment. That’s why every mom needs to be equipped with one of life’s essential items – a good quality diaper bag!

There are many on the market that you can consider, and some are very good indeed, but we reckon one of the best is from ResonEight Home Products, who have created a very versatile, attractive and extremely practical diaper bag, and it’s one that comes with some impressive features. Why do we recommend this one? Let’s checkout some of the benefits it gives you.

Multi-Use Changing Pad

Like most diaper bags, the ResonEight Home Products design is just the right size to carry all the diapers you need for the duration. It’s made from a strong and very durable felt material that is intended to last a long time, and to withstand the day to day use it will be put to. It’s also double-thickness, for added strength, but remains a sensible weight so will not over-burden mom!

In addition to the bag itself – you can buy it on Amazon here and read more about it – you also get removeable dividers. These can be fitted in three different ways to customize the inner compartment as fits you best. There is also a side zip pocket, a perfect place for keeping smaller essential items that you need with you, and we believe the main selling point is the additional changing pad that comes as part of the package.

With a waterproof barrier coating on one side and the soft felt cover on the other, the pad can be folded out to its full size to act as a perfect nursery table for changing baby quickly, conveniently and with no fuss. This is a cleverly designed diaper bag all-round, and one that has been put together by people with experience.

Folds Flat

Babies come with a lot of additional items that can take up room, yet one further advantage of the ResonEight Home Products Diaper Caddy is that it can be folded flat when you are not using it. The advantage here is that when not in use it is not taking up a bag-sized space that could be better used for other things, but merely a very small area in a cupboard where it can be stored away.

Overall, the design of this diaper caddy is very impressive, and the materials chosen are of the highest quality and perfect for the purpose. It’s convenient, attractive – it would make a perfect baby-shower gift for either boys or girls as it is finished in a nice unisex turquoise colour – and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you’re in the market for a diaper caddy, check out the ResonEight model as it is sensibly priced, great quality and very practical indeed.

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