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Kids Love Them: Why Markets are Perfect for an Unusual Toy, Game or Craft Idea


Markets like Camden often have a special atmosphere that many of us find so appealing and kids just love the buzz of excitement and activity when you take them along.

You can find out about the various markets and what they have to offer at and in the meantime, here is a look at some of the crafts and activity ideas that you might be able to pick up at pocket money prices.

Festival spirit

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and especially exciting for children, but what you will witness with markets like Camden Lock as an example, is that there is actually a festival atmosphere whenever you choose to visit.

Little people are well catered for with a big range of toys and handmade craft items, all of which can help them enjoy some fun that doesn’t involve a TV or a gaming device. You can find things like juggling equipment to set them a new challenge or you could pick up lots of different craft bits, so that you can let them create something unique using their imagination.

Decorating the tree

A good reason for visiting a market during the festive period is that when it is Christmas at Camden and other well-known markets, you will be able to find a wide choice of tinsel, fairy lights and other decorations, that the kids can choose in order to help decorate the tree.

Whilst you are making your choice, you will probably find that there is plenty of carol singing and mulled wine on offer for the adults, which all adds to the festive spirit and makes the shopping trip that bit more special, compared to your usual high street alternatives.

New Spitalfields experience

Another market that is well worth visiting with the children is Spitalfields.

Subject to a recent redevelopment, Spitalfields market has been given a new lease of life and there are different stalls on different days, so check out the itinerary and pay a visit with the kids when there are craft stalls and other items of interest to take a look at.

Sunday is a very hectic market day for Spitalfields, but there are plenty of places to go and get something to eat if the children need a break from trawling through the various stalls that will be of interest to them.

Something different

The whole purpose of visiting a bustling market with your kids is to let them enjoy the unique atmosphere and try and find something that is a bit different to catch their interest with.

You might want to consider searching out some unusual or traditional board games and puzzles to take home with you. Kids of all ages actually love playing all sorts of board games and it makes for a great family-orientated evening without the usual distraction of a TV, which is soon forgotten when they start to play.

Handmade jewellery is also a popular activity with children, who love to make presents for others that are truly unique pieces. You can have a lot of fun searching out all the materials they will need in order to make some jewellery, which is often well received.

Take your kids to a market and let them explore and experience all that these special places have to offer, and they will soon be asking to go back again soon.

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