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Keep Healthy for Baby


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When you become pregnant, it becomes even more important to take good care of yourself. Here are some top tips for keeping yourself in top shape.

Regular Prenatal Care

The first thing to do when you suspect you’re pregnant is to see your health care provider. During the first visit a test will be done to determine how many weeks you are and your expected delivery date. Once everything is confirmed then you can head home to look for quality maternity clothes online.

Supplements and Good Nutrition

Ok, time to eat for two (or more). Now is certainly not the time to be going on a diet or trying to cut out calories. Quite the opposite… You’re going to need around 300 additional calories every day, especially as you advance in the pregnancy and the baby grows quicker. If you’re particularly active, too thin or carrying more than one baby, you’ll need even more calories. However, if you’re overweight, your doctor or nutritionist will help you with consuming a few less calories.

Healthy eating is important at the best of times but even more so when you’re expecting a baby. So do make sure you’re getting your calories from nutritious foods that will help your baby to grow and develop. You should aim to keep a well-balanced diet consisting:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Low fat dairy produce
  • Lean meats
  • Whole grain breads

By making sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you’ll get all the nutrients you need. You’ll also get to maintain a great pregnancy weight and shop for stunning quality maternity clothes online.

Keep in mind you will also need more essential nutrients like folic acid, calcium and iron during pregnancy. Your doctor will likely prescribe prenatal vitamins to make sure that both you and your growing baby get enough of what you both need.

But just because you take additional prenatal vitamins doesn’t mean you can eat a diet that lacks in nutrients. Oh no. It’s important to keep in mind that you have to eat well for you and your baby. The vitamins simply supplement your diet and aren’t the only source of the nutrients you need.

Exercise During Pregnancy

The recommendation for pregnant women is around 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week if you’re not already into exercising. If you were active or into intense aerobic before you become pregnant, you might be able to keep your workout routines so long as the doctor says they’re safe.

Exercise during pregnancy helps with:

  • Increasing energy
  • Improving sleep
  • Preventing excess weight gain
  • Reducing pregnancy-related problems like swelling and back pain


Getting enough sleep is always important but especially so during pregnancy. Since your body’s working hard to help a new life grow, you’re probably going to feel a little more tired than usual. And as baby gets bigger, it’s going to be more difficult to find comfy positions when you want to sleep.

You can try lying on your side with your knees bent. This position keeps the baby’s weight from putting pressure on larger blood vessels that carry blood back and forth from the heart, legs and feet. By lying on your side you can also perhaps prevent leg swelling, varicose veins and haemorrhoids.

As a matter of fact, there are doctors who even recommend that pregnant women try sleeping on the left side. One of the big blood vessels on the right side is the abdomen. So if you lie on your left you keep the uterus off the abdomen, optimising blood flow to the placenta and your baby.

From sleep, exercise and eating right to making sure your overall lifestyle is healthy during pregnancy, you can ensure to have a happy and healthy baby and easier birth.

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