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How to Tell Your Husband He is Losing His Hair

How to Tell Your Husband He is Losing His HairStriking up a conversation with your husband to tell him that he is losing his hair can certainly be difficult. This is a sensitive topic and needs to be handled with care, empathy, maturity and sensitivity.

As hair care experts know, hair loss can have a profound effect on a man’s self-esteem and can even change the physical attraction that exists between you and your husband. The good news is that there are resources and support for dealing with this situation and hair care specialists such as Transitions Hair, can provide help with hair restoration. Click here for more information and read on for some tips on approaching the situation.

1. Compliment

When your husband is making an effort to look handsome, tell him that you think he looks handsome. It’s important that you don’t go over the top with this or give compliments in a false, pitiful way. To do so is offensive. If you have a special occasion to attend and your husband is dressed up, remind him that he looks nice.

2. Show an Interest in your Husband’s Anti-balding Efforts

If your husband is showing an interest in balding treatments and solutions, take an interest and support him with this. Try not to belittle your husband’s ideas, but show a genuine interest in the options available. It is important to nurture your husband’s confidence when he is facing hair loss.

3. Remind him that Hair Loss is a Reality for many Men – even the Rich and Famous

Your husband may take some heart in knowing that even some of the world’s most handsome, wealthy and respected men have contended with hair loss. Be aware that your husband may be drawing a parallel between bald and unattractive, and try to assure him that this is rarely true. It may be helpful for you to subtly say that men such as Andre Agassi, Bruce Willis or Michael Jordan look great (without trying to provoke your husband’s jealousy of course!).

4. Help your Husband Adjust to a New Look

It’s possible that your husband will adopt a new look in response to his balding head. It’s helpful for you to give your husband the freedom to decide on his new look and offer him support. Some women who have been in this situation recommend that you avoid suggesting that your husband wears hats but they do suggest accompanying him if he wants to go and have a look at some hats. Following your husband’s lead according to how he wants to deal with his hair loss can help to increase his confidence; offering unwanted advice will serve to make him more self-conscious, insecure and even embarrassed.

Many men struggle with the reality of hair loss and are very sensitive about the situation. There are some effective and confidence-inspiring ways that you can raise the topic with your husband and offer him support. Listening, being open and willing to support your husband in the approach he wants to take to his hair loss, is the best way that you can be there for him.

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