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How to Set Up a Daily Learning Schedule for Toddlers

How to Set Up a Daily Learning Schedule for ToddlersAt age 2, a child’s life changes a lot. They are finally able to communicate and get around on their own. This new sense of independence encourages them to learn more about their surroundings and learn how to become even more independent. This age is the perfect time for parents to encourage learning in the home and push their children to discover new and amazing things.

Parents can easily encourage learning in the home. A great way to incorporate learning is to make a learning schedule for the toddler. Many parents already have a schedule that they use for their toddlers, but they can now incorporate some new tools for learning into that schedule to get their toddlers on the right track. Here are some tips to help parents set up a daily learning schedule for their toddlers.

Use music

Music is a great way to help toddlers learn new things for a lot of reasons. Music helps keep a toddlers attention, it can help toddlers retain the information better and it also makes learning more fun for toddlers. Parents can use traditional songs for learning, like the ABC song, or they can make up new songs to teach their toddlers new skills. Parents can also let their children watch musical TV shows using

Incorporate learning into daily tasks

Many toddlers are curious and anxious to learn about the world around them. Parents can encourage this by using everyday tasks to help their toddler learn more. For example, parents can teach their toddlers why brushing their teeth is important by showing them their own teeth. Making learning a part of the daily routine ensures that the toddlers will not only be learning every day, but also that they will be reminded of each lesson every day so they can remember them better.

Let them help out around the house

Toddlers are usually eager to help their parents because they want to replicate them. Toddlers can be a big help to parents around the house with the right jobs and supervision. Parents can teach their toddlers how to fold laundry, wash dishes and even make some simple meals. These little tasks may not seem like much, but they are a great way for toddlers to learn new things and for parents to spend quality time making new memories with their toddlers.

Expand their creativity

Parents should always allow and encourage their children to create and grow. Parents can help their toddlers expand their creativity by giving them a craft time during the day. Crafts can become messy for toddlers, so parents should be nearby to help with messes, but allowing a toddler to create whatever they want is a great way for them to gain confidence and express themselves.

Encourage questions and reward new achievements

Everyone at any age wants to have reassurance that they are doing a good job. Toddlers rely on their parents for affirmation, so parents should be excited about all their toddlers’ achievements, no matter how small. Parents should give their toddler small rewards for answering questions right.


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