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How to Reduce Costs of IVF?


Infertility has become more and more common problem  among couples all over the world. It is estimated that even one out of every five couples cannot conceive within a year of trying. In Vitro Fertilization is the most effective method of infertility treatment, yet it is also most expensive one. Especially in the Western countries the costs of even one cycle of the procedure can be far too high for an average couple. What to do when the treatment seems to be your only option? Here is how to reduce the costs of IVF.

Costs of IVF

In Vitro Fertilization is a procedure in which the egg cell obtained from woman’s body is combined with sperm cells in laboratory conditions. It is usually preceded with diagnosis, tests, preparation involving premedication and hormonally stimulated ovulation as well as actual collection of cells. The cells are genetically tested both before and after fertilization. After that the laboratory specialists conduct further examination of resulting embryos, later transferred to woman’s uterus or cryopreserved. The doctors monitor results throughout the whole process and at the end verify whether the pregnancy occurred. It is visible that In Vitro Fertilization is a complex procedure requiring high precision, much effort and scrutiny. It needs to be performed in well-equipped laboratory by experienced specialists. Therefore the financial value of the service is advanced hence the high price. What needs to be taken into consideration when estimating cost of the procedure is the total price of comprehensive treatment including tests, medications and control visits and unfortunately you ought to prepare to pay a lot. However the total cost that needs to be paid for the full procedure vary significantly from clinic to clinic and, what’s more important, from country to country.

Low-cost IVF

Thankfully there is a possibility to find clinics in other locations that offer high-quality procedures of IVF treatment for prices few times lower than in Western countries. For those couples who are willing to travel for the IVF and combine the treatment with well-deserved vacation there are number of destinations available. The most popular countries that are visited in order to undergo In Vitro Fertilization are Cyprus, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland or Spain. For example the Polish clinics are chosen by the growing number of couples from Germany, England, Russia, Scandinavia, Australia and USA. The extremely low costs comparing to their countries of origin are not the only incentive to visit Poland for IVF. Polish facilities offer high quality of procedures and care exceeding European standards and very high success rates. Number one Polish IVF clinics INVICTA can successfully compete with best Western facilities in cutting-edge procedures with even higher efficacy and all of in for just a fraction of the price (to find out more visit

How to choose the clinic?

The low cost of the treatment cannot be the only thing we look into when deciding on a clinic for In Vitro Fertilization. It is possible to find a place with very low prices but with not necessarily good quality or without satisfactory success rates. Also there are facilities that can hide some costs of treatment and for example advertise with just the cost of fertilization without collection of cells or transfer of embryo. The hidden costs may be the medication, the tests or there is another fee that need to be pay for any other service required for the success of IVF. Therefore it is important to choose the clinic with transparent data on total costs of comprehensive treatment. Also some facilities offer all inclusive programs in which you pay one, usually discount price for having the whole treatment in the clinic. Also you need to seek the centre of a high reputation with necessary certificates and healthcare standards as well as with established high efficacy rates. With those taken into account you are able to find the facility performing top-quality procedures of infertility treatment with best chances of success for the price that is more than affordable.

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