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How To Help Your Husband Increase His Fertility

So you and your husband have decided you want a baby? It’s a wonderful thing to do – and a massive step in life – but it’s not necessarily going to be as easy as you might think! For a start, how fertile is your husband, and what is his sperm count? It is quite common for men to produce very low amounts of sperm, which can hinder the possibility of the woman becoming pregnant, but don’t worry – we have some tips to increase his sperm output without any problem at all!

What Do You Eat?

It is a fact that certain foods and other substances that we eat regularly have an effect on sperm production – some positive, and others negative. Let’s have a look at the stuff he should not be eating if he wants fertile sperm in decent amounts:

  • Sugar – this is a definite no-no if you are looking at fertility, as sugar is very bad for sperm production. The problem is that sugar is everywhere. Even food you think is healthy may contain sugar in surprising amounts, so check what’s in the cupboard and get rid of all the sugar content.
  • Processed carbs – also everywhere, this is in white bread, in cakes, in many other items that you may eat every day, and processed food is not natural, so it’s not good for sperm and fertility.
  • Alcohol – sorry about this, but he’s going to have to cut out a couple of nights out with the lads if he wants to perform!

Now let’s look at the ingredients that will increase his sperm count:

  • Green veg – spinach, asparagus, anything that is rich in vitamin C will help increase the count.
  • Carrots – it’s the vitamin A in carrots that does the job, and will increase sperm count notably.
  • Garlic – don’t have too much of this, for obvious reasons, but it does add volume.
  • Bananas – another excellent choice, bananas contain elements that increase the libido.
  • Water – water flushes the toxins out of the body, which will increase the quality and virility of the semen.

That’s just a few, and before we finish, we need to talk about superfoods and supplements. Superfoods such as ginseng, pumpkin seeds and maca root are all powerful ingredients that will help not only increase the sperm count, but will give him energy and drive beyond his normal performance, so are an important consideration.

Finally, if to get hard for longer and deliver the right load, try Semenax, a pill that contains all the right ingredients listed above, and more. These pills work, they are tried and tested, and they are the easy way forward, and they will enable him to perform beyond your wildest dreams.

So, the trick is for him to eat healthy food and add the volume pills to his intake, and you can both look forward to amazing, wonderful sex and the fertility you need to get pregnant, so good luck!

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