How To Edit Your Bali Holiday Photos With Movavi Photo Editor?


Are you just back from Bali and can’t wait to share your photos online? Well, Bali is a charm always with its sun-kissed beaches and the vast ocean body. Then of course you have the picturesque rice fields, the coastal towns of northeast and many more. The Bali culture is another great attraction for the tourists here. Moreover, the spectacular spot also pulls in tourists for a wide range of adventure activities like surfing, white water rafting, diving, kite surfing etc. It goes without saying that you have tried to capture the beauty of the island in every way possible.

Now, when you are clicking pictures randomly, it’s natural that you would have photos with unwanted objects and people. Thus, when you show these photos to friends or upload them on social media, you must edit them – the last thing you want your buddy to ask is who is this random man peeping from behind an otherwise lovely romantic shot. Movavi Photo Editor can be a great option for you when you want to remove people from photos.

Movavi is an award winning brand which enjoys international recognition is as many as 150 countries. Thus, you can expect a superior performance from the Movavi Photo Editor. The article below will show you how to use Movavi Photo Editor to edit your photos.

Download & install the program

First of all, you will have to download and install the Movavi Photo Editor program from the official Movavi website.

Add photos

Then, you will bring your photos to the software program. Go to Browse for Images tab to select the images from your computer folder. Otherwise, the program even allows you to simply drag & drop the pictures onto Movavi Photo Editor.

Mark & remove unwanted things from photo

Go to Object Removal & choose Brush tool to mark your desired object that you are planning to delete. The other tools for selection are Lasso or Magic Wand. If you have to remove unwanted marks, go to Selection Eraser. Now, click on Start Erasing & remove an object or person.

If there are any imperfections left, the Stamp option would be handy. It would copy any section of the image & paste it into the disturbed spot to cover up the imperfection.

Save your edited photos

After you have removed the unwanted things or people from your photo, it’s time to save it. Click on Export to select the output folder where the edited photos would be saved automatically.