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Get Involved With The Locals When You Visit China


Image by Steve Webel via Flickr

Visiting China is just the same as visiting any other country when you decide to go on holiday. If you want to experience everything that the country has to offer, then you need to step outside of your comfort zone and immerse yourself fully in the country. It is not that hard to do and it just may show you a side of this wondrous country that the average tourist does not get to see.

Learn Some of the Lingo

One of the biggest problems when visiting a foreign country is communication. Generally, as English speakers we almost expect everyone to be able to speak our mother tongue, which in reality is not the case. Learn about Chinese history and dynasties as well as the language as it will help you out a lot when you visit China. It also allows you to venture further than the normal tourist hangouts. You do not have to be fluent, and there are many phrasebooks available on the market. You can even get pocket translators or applications for Tablet PC’s and Smart Phones.

Stay Further Away from the Tourist Areas

By staying away from the main tourist areas you will not only see a different side of the town or city that you are staying in, but you may just find that you also save money in the process. The further away from the tourists areas that you go, the less English will be spoken, so it will be the perfect excuse to start practicing your language skills. One thing to remember when trying to speak to the locals is that if you say things wrong, they may not understand you and laugh. Make sure that you do not let this put you off trying to communicate, as they are not rude when they laugh at you, remember you are not in Kansas now Dorothy, this is a different culture!

Find Out Where the Locals Go

By practicing speaking the language, you may just end up running into someone that can communicate with you. There are plenty of people interested in practicing their English skills, as well as teach their mother tongue, but China is a huge country, so you just need to keep looking. If you do find someone who communicates with you, then you can ask them the good places to go that have no tourists and only locals. You may end up seeing some weird and wonderful things on the menu, but if you have come all of this way it has certainly got to be worth trying, no? Whatever you end up eating for your main course, you will also no doubt save yourself a lot of money, with the savings from being away from the tourists.

Use the Local Transport

Another way to immerse yourself fully into the local culture when you are on China tours and holidays 2016 from is to use the local public transport to get your way around. Again, you will not only save a lot of money doing this, but you get to see a side of life in China that you do not get to see in your fancy hotels, restaurants and air-conditioned taxis. You can still get a taxi some of the time, but trying the local buses and trains is not only an experience but it will help you to get your bearings much quicker.

If you try to meet the locals and speak to them in their language during your trip to China, the chances are you are going to make some good friends along the way. You may also ignite a passion within you for this magnificent country, which sees you coming back to visit friends, and learn more of the language and culture!

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