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Four Tips for Getting Your Confidence Back after Your Pregnancy

Four Tips for Getting Your Confidence Back after Your Pregnancy_1There is no question that your body has gone through some very big changes over the past few months. You and you alone have sustained a life, which is an extremely big accomplishment. However, it is not so forgiving to your figure. Every woman’s body changes significantly after they have had a baby, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot feel sexy like you did before the pregnancy.

Most women don’t even think about brushing their hair when they have a new baby, but after a few months, most often after a mother has stopped breast feeding, you will begin to make time for yourself again. You deserve to have time to get dressed up and feel good about yourself, no matter how busy and crazy things get. If you are a new mom who is ready to feel sexy again, here are four tips to help you get your confidence back.

Find a new, great fitting bra

You breasts have changed dramatically through all the swelling and breastfeeding, so they are in definite need or some TLC. Finding a new bra that fits well will make every outfit you put on look better, which is one of the best confidence boosts you can get every day. Consider ThirdLove designer bras that find your perfect fit with half-sizes and a bra-sizing app to help you find the best fit possible. You can find styles that have soft materials for your sensitive skin in beautiful designs that will make you feel sexy and comfortable in your own skin.

Incorporate some exercise in every day

No matter whether you were a fitness fanatic or a couch potato before your pregnancy, you should find a way to incorporate fitness into your daily routine. Not only does exercise help you lose weight and get in shape, but it also boosts your mood by producing endorphins that keep you happy and smiling all day long. Try doing things that incorporate your new baby, like a mommy and me yoga class or going for a walk outside.

Wear fashion that flatters your new figure

Every woman has her trouble areas that she likes to cover up. Post-baby, you may feel like you have more trouble areas to cover up than before. It may take a while for your body to return to its post baby form, so you should find some pieces in your closet that make you feel confident at the size you are now. Flowing tops that drape away from the midsection and skinny jeans is a great staple for any new mom to have.

Surround yourself with supportive people

Sometimes it’s not about what you do, but what everyone else around you is doing. There are many new moms going through the same things you are, so illicit their help. If you are surrounded by people who make you feel self-conscious or insecure, you may be around the wrong people. Try to surround yourself with people who make you feel beautiful, no matter how your body changes. Find people who support your goals and help push you to be better each day. If you are surrounded with people who love you that much, you will feel confident no matter what.


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