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Family Safe Pest Control Ideas You Can Use in Any Home

If you suffer from pests in the home, whether we are talking about rodents, flies or fleas, it is not because your house is not clean, it’s simply because they get everywhere! From homes in the country to those in suburban housing estates, the problem of household pests is one that we all have to deal with at some point. If you have pets, then you have the added problem of them bringing pests into the home, too.

There are many ways of dealing with pests: flies and wasps, for example, can be tackled with off the shelf products available in the high street, and mice are usually best approached by way of one of the many different types of traps (although the family cat can also add his or her expertise here). When it comes to rats and larger rodents – you may even have squirrels in the loft chewing at your mains wires – you need to check out more effective methods of removal.

Pest Prevention

A few ideas for pest prevention in the home may help you reduce the possibility of an infestation so we’ll start with fleas. Dogs and cats are very much prone to becoming hosts for fleas, so keep up the treatment your vet prescribed on a regular basis. An infestation of fleas can get out of hand very quickly, as they are fast breeders and hard to find at first. If you notice bites on your person or other members of the family, fleas are the likely culprit.

For mice and rats, the most common problem rodents in the country, traps are the best idea. If you have pets and children you want to make sure the traps are safe for use – indeed London’s leading health and safety conscious experts Empire Pest Control suggest using tamper proof traps. These will be closed to prying tiny hands that may be interested in what is inside, as well as eager dogs and cats waiting to get at the prey.

It’s also a good idea to check for bedbugs on a regular basis, as these are making something of a comeback these days. Keep an eye on the kid’s rooms especially if they have friends staying, and check your own beds and furnishings for tell tale signs. There are many safe products for eliminating bedbugs, so it’s not hard to do.

Regular Cleaning

Wherever you happen to live, pests will get into your home, especially insects such as wasps, flies, ants and more. There are many products and services that can deal with these, effectively and efficiently, and using safe for pets products. An important word – if you have a swarm of bees on your property, enlist Surrey pest control experts to remove them as it can be dangerous, and the same applies to wasps nests.

Keep up your regular cleaning routine, including all soft furnishings on your vacuuming rounds, and keep a close eye out for signs of rodents, and if you are in doubt, enlist the experts for help.



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