Easy ways to keep your bathroom clean

Housemaid cleaner woman working in modern hotel

Tidy up

The first step to a bathroom that is easy to keep clean is to make sure you have proper storage. Keep your space tidy by ensuring that there is a space for everything. If you don’t have room for separate cupboards or storage units, get creative and find other ways to increase storage space in your bathroom. Install some shelving, add under sink storage or for a multi-tasking storage solution opt for a mirrored wall cabinet. Shower caddies and baskets are another handy way to avoid clutter.  Keeping surfaces clear of bottles not only makes them easier to wipe, but also minimises the build-up of residue and soap scum.

Keep it fresh

Any bathroom will feel cleaner when it has a pleasant scent. Keep your bathroom smelling sweet by using a diffuser or some scented candles, and maintain a fresh atmosphere by adding a toilet freshener. A bathroom fan is a must to keep your bathroom well ventilated, and to help prevent the build-up of mould around the windows and on your bathroom tiles. Make sure that your bathroom fan remains efficient by cleaning it regularly.


If you are redecorating then consider how easy your new décor will be to keep clean. Tiles are the most hygienic option for floor and walls, as they cannot harbour the growth of bacteria and mould and are easy to wipe clean. Floor tiles don’t retain moisture as floorboards or carpet do in a steamy bathroom, making them a durable choice highly resistant to any water damage caused by the moisture in the air.

A simple swap to make your bathroom easier to clean is to replace an old shower curtain for a glass bath screen. As a screen dries much quicker than a curtain it is far more hygienic, and it is also faster to clean as it only requires a simple wipe.

Little and often

Overall the best way to keep your bathroom looking immaculate is to stay on top of the cleaning. Use a squeegee to wipe down shower stalls after each use, and in hard water areas use a lime scale remover regularly to prevent build up. By considering all of these tips you can cut down on the amount of time it takes to clean your bathroom, ensuring that it always looks good.