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Difference between using an online estate agent against a traditional


Online estate agents are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, with many people choosing them over traditional estate agents. There are several reasons why this is so, and it is mostly down to the fact that you will get a much better deal, and a much quicker sale, if you opt for an online agent. We’re here to tell you why ditching the traditional route could very well be the right move for you.

The main reason why more and more people are flocking to online agents is because it allows them to save money. Selling with a traditional agent comes with numerous fees which many people simply don’t want to put up with. They would rather know straight off how much everything is going to cost. With traditional agents adding an average 1.6% of the total value of your property to their fee just for signing the deal, selling online is clearly the better option in this regard.

Opting for an online agent also allows you to take vantage of the fact that more and more people now search for a property to buy online, rather than going down in person to a local estate agent. The majority of these traditional agents are tied to a particular property website, meaning that they can’t get word of your property out to the majority of people. On the other hand, online agents are free to post information about your property on all the most popular sites, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, so you have a much better chance of a fast sale.

The property market is also changing in the way that people want to actually look at a property in person. Gone are the days when people’s preference was for an estate agent to show them around. Nowadays, research has show they would much prefer the owner to show them the property, so that they can get a quick and honest answer to any questions they might have. Any of these questions could easily be the thing that sways a buyer into choosing your property, so maximizing on your own local knowledge is another way in which selling with an online agent is the way to go.

Finally, the way that people want to buy is changing in the same way that the way their viewing habits have changed. Rather than engage in an old fashioned bidding war, buyers now want to get an honest answer to the question of how much they will have to spend. Online agents understand that honesty is the best policy, and therefore open your property up to the maximum number of buyers, without pricing anyone out. Selling online makes you an average of 99% of your asking price, whereas the traditional estate agent would only be able to get you an average of 3% less than that. When all the facts are taken into consideration, it’s clear that choosing an online agent really is the way to go.

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