Cost-Effective Recipes for Special Family Occasions

Cost-Effective Recipes for Special Family Occasions

Whether you’re celebrating a child’s birthday party or getting together for Christmas dinner, it can be quite difficult to whip up meals for your loved ones & guests when you’re short on funds. That doesn’t mean you should forego the celebration altogether, however, as there are still ways you can entertain guests without necessarily breaking the bank.

When special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, and Halloween come around, you can buy wholesale seasonal occasions & gifts for the kids without thinking about the costs. But what about when you sit down for meals with your family or guests? 

Don’t worry as we’ve compiled a list of of sumptuous recipes that are easy on the budget:

1. Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Nobody can resist a slab of moist pork tenderloin, especially one that has been slowly and carefully grilled. The one thing that makes this dish special is its marinade, a special spice blend that consists of a blend of salt, chicken seasoning, onion power, garlic powder, chili powder, and cayenne pepper.

2. Puff Pastry Chicken Potpie

Chicken potpie is considered comfort food just as much as chicken soup, and it’s just as easy to make too! Because it’s meat-based, this dish is the type to “stick to your ribs,” so to speak. It also delivers a savoury flavour that’s satisfying to the soul.

3. Best Lasagna

You can never go wrong with lasagna! If you’re getting together with your close friends or family members for a casual holiday meal, this dish should be part of your menu. Here’s a tip when cooking this: make sure you drain your noodles properly before you layer them to avoid ending up with watery lasagna. Also, this dish is best enjoyed alongside a simple salad and some garlic bread. 

4. Buttery Grilled Shrimp

This dish is not only delicious but also quite easy to make! You can whip this up in under 30 minutes with just a few ingredients: butter, lemon juice, chili powder, ground ginger, salt, and shrimp. Combine the first five ingredients in a bowl into a mixture. Then, thread the shrimps first into wooden skewers and grill for a few minutes on each side, basting each side with the mixture you made. 

5. Butternut Squash Soup with Cinnamon

This thick, creamy soup is best enjoyed during the fall season as its warmth and tangy flavour is a wonderful contrast to the chilly weather. Your family can enjoy this soup together after your usual Halloween party traditions. The main ingredients for this dish are butternut squash, vegetable broth, ginger root, and cinnamon. 

6. Baked Parmesan Broccoli 

Who said it was impossible to make your kids eat their green leafy vegetables? This broccoli dish is all about making kids’ most commonly hated vegetable more appealing to their taste buds by adding a few other ingredients such as butter, milk, and Parmesan cheese. This requires a preparation time of 30 minutes and a baking time of 15 minutes.

7. Sunday Pot Roast

What’s a family get-together without a pot roast? This is quite easy to prepare; it just requires around 10 minutes to get all the ingredients together. However, it takes over 8 hours to cook, so you’ll have to prepare this dish at least 12 hours or so before the guests come over. After you’re done cooking it, don’t forget to serve it with lots of gravy and a side dish of vegetables.