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I Made Shopping For My Kids Clothes Easier And You Can Too

When it comes to buying clothes for our kids, us moms know that things can get a little stressful. Children and shopping don’t mix, especially young kids, which is what makes buying your kid new clothes more difficult.

Obviously, we don’t always have to take our children shopping with us. If we know their size, we can pick up the bits they need when shopping solo. But, when they are in between sizes or you just aren’t sure what size they are, taking them shopping with you might be your only option.


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It can be hard shopping with kids, but you can make things a little easier for yourself. Want to know how I make taking my kids clothes shopping a little bit easier? Yes – then keep reading, below:

Get underwear online

Underwear is one thing that is easy to gauge, so you can get that online. There is no point making the shopping trip any longer than it has to be, so buying underwear online is ideal.

There are lots of companies selling kid’s underwear, if you can, opt for fun underwear. Children can be fussy about their clothes, so the more fun they are, the better.

One of the most popular children’s sock companies is United Odd Socks – they’re socks are great – so make sure to check them out. Clothes with logos and pictures of their favorite characters on are always popular, so look out for underwear that has these on, as well.

Make a list beforehand

Before you head to the shops, sit down and create a list of every item that your child needs. As you go around, give your child the task of ticking each item off. This will not only ensure that you don’t forget anything, but it will also make shopping a little easier for your child.

Kids love having a job to do, so giving them a list to tick off is ideal. This will not only make them feel important, but it will also let them see how many more things you need to buy.

Shop on a Sunday

Malls are always at the busiest on a Saturday, so I always aim to do any clothes shopping with my kids on a Sunday. The fewer people there are in the mall, the less stressful shopping will be – trust me on this, I have learnt from experience.

Another benefit of shopping on a Sunday is that the shops aren’t open for as long as they are on a Saturday, this means that we shop faster. When you have kids in tow, the faster you get the clothes shopping done, the better.

Only get them to try on one item in each store

I find that while sizes can differ between different stores, in each store, the sizes of all their garments seems to be uniform. So in each store we go into, I get my children to try on a pair of trousers and a top each, and then that’s it.

All it takes to get their correct size is for them to try on one outfit – this makes things a lot easier. Kids hate trying different outfits on, so getting them to just try one outfit on in each store is a great trick to try.

Let them help you choose

Children enjoy clothes shopping a lot more if they feel that you are getting them involved. After all, it is them that has to wear the clothes, so they should have some choice, don’t you think?

Obviously, it’s up to you if you let your children help to choose their clothes, but I find it makes shopping with them a lot easier. You have ultimate control over the clothes that you choose to get them, but allowing them to help you makes the trip more enjoyable for them.

Shopping with kids can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make shopping with the kids easier by following the simple tips in this guide.

4 Ways To Make Your Home More Fun For Children



Having children is life’s greatest blessing, but they do change our perceptions of the home. Priorities of comfort and luxury are quickly overrun by a need for safety and fun. Our little ones are the most important thing in our lives, and putting them first is a must.

While we want to keep a degree of comfort and enjoyment for ourselves, it’s important to make the home suitable for children. Playing to their natural love of adventure is key. Knowing how to transform the home can be difficult, but these four tips should help you along the way.

A Bedroom Fit For A Prince Or Princess

A child’s bedroom is their little space. They should feel comfortable inside their rooms and actually enjoy going there. Whether it’s to learn, play or sleep, the bedroom should be a special place for your kid.

One of the easiest ways to make the bedroom more enjoyable is to celebrate their passion and hobbies. Using their favourite sports team, pop band, or television show as a theme is an easy way to ensure they fall in love with the room.

The key is to be creative. These ideas should get your juices flowing.

Make Bath Time Fun

Every parent understands the struggle that bath time can bring. A lot of young children just don’t like it, especially when it comes to cleaning hair. Aside from anything, it can be a little boring for the youngsters.

Injecting a little fun into the bathroom could be the key to improving their relationship with the bath. Thinking outside the box, as this post does, could help find a way to battle against the problems posed by children’s bath time.

Our messy pups have a knack for getting dirty, so cleaning is extremely important. Make it more enjoyable for them, and it will feel a lot less stressful for you.

Encourage Outdoor Fun

Creating a home for adventure is great, but it’s far easier to promote activity in the garden. It’s probably safer too.

Converting your garden into a child-friendly zone isn’t overly difficult. It also serves as a great way to teach valuable life lessons while also promoting a good relationship with the outdoors environment. In an era where our kids are constantly attached to various screens, this break from the digital world is a welcomed distraction for any parent.

Besides, it’ll also encourage you to get out in the garden more too.

Designate A Space For Creativity

Children are naturally creative, and you should do everything you can to encourage it. Arts and crafts are a great way for you to bond with your child while also giving you a chance to assess various academic capabilities.

You should never stifle a child’s imagination and providing them a space to show their creativity will go a long way. It doesn’t have to be an entire playroom. Even a small desk will suffice. The key is to make them feel comfortable in this designated area.

It might even unearth a real talent.

7 Proven Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy after 35

7 Proven Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy after 35

Having children is not an easy decision for any woman to make. Some women will be able to decide very early in their lives, others will want to wait until later in life to be sure that it is the right decision for them.

Either way, it is very important for every woman to have a healthy pregnancy. Even though age can make this a little more difficult for some women, there are a lot of ways to ensure a great pregnancy at any age. Here are seven proven tips for a healthy pregnancy after 35.

Seek the help of a professional

Having professional help is essential in many cases when women are trying to conceive for the first time. It is a good idea to go to a Utah center for reproductive medicine and get tested for genetic diseases and other issues that may interfere with a healthy pregnancy.

Get a jumpstart on prenatal care

Before a woman is even pregnant, it is a good idea for them to get ahead of the game with some great prenatal care. This can include just taking a prenatal vitamin regularly or even have preconception counseling with a healthcare professional to make sure a woman is ready for the big step she is undertaking.

Maintain a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet is important in any stage of life. For women who want to get pregnant, eating healthy will help keep their immune system in check and allow them to give their baby the best start possible once they are pregnant. This is a simple life change that everyone can make for their health.

Avoid stress

Stress is a very common part of everyone’s lives. It is essential for women who are trying to get pregnant to find a way to relieve stress and deal with stress triggers as they happen. This will help regulate a woman’s hormones and help her produce the best results that will lead to conception.

Stay active

It is common for pregnant woman to think that they should remain inactive while they are pregnant to protect the baby. Even though bedrest is prescribed in some cases, most women will find it more beneficial to maintain some level of physical activity while they are carrying their baby.

Learn how to gain weight in a healthy way

Weight gain is an essential part of any pregnancy, but it can be difficult for women to gauge what is healthy weight gain and what is not while they are pregnant. Speaking with a doctor will help anyone confirm what the normal rates are based on their body and learn how to maintain healthy weight gain throughout the pregnancy.

Give it time when trying to conceive

For most women after 35, conceiving can take a little longer than normal. Women older than 35 who have even had children before might find that it can take a little bit longer than it did in the past. Every woman should be patient and give the process some time to work.


How To Run A Fantastic Fundraising Campaign For Your Kids School

There are a number of reasons your child’s school may need to make some extra cash. They could be looking to buy some new equipment to improve your child’s education. Or, they may be looking to expand their premises to provide a better education for more children. Either way you may want to do your part. Rather than donate you might volunteer in helping organise fundraising activities. Or, you may think about doing your own fundraising and giving the school your earnings. Let’s look at the best ways you can do this.

Use Your Skills

The easiest way to raise money is to pick something that you are great at. Perhaps your skill lies in the kitchen. If that is the case why not bake some delicious goods for sale? Adults and children alike will loving buying them to make their lunch hours extra tasty. You may be a keen runner during your spare time. In which case you can get people to sponsor you doing an activity such as a marathon. Whatever your forte there is sure to be a way you can use it to make some money for your desired charity.


Make It Fun

If you make fundraising fun, you are more likely to get attention. People are attracted to others getting involved in exciting activities. One example of this is the classic getting sponsored for shaving your hair off. It does not have to be your hair. You can get your kids involved and have them take the leap. They will gain a lot of support from their classmates for doing so and learn that looks are not everything. They will see they can help people by putting others first.

Promote Like Crazy

If you have a blog use it to your advantage. Post about your fundraising activities online. It does not matter if you do not have a website. You can set one up. Or, most of us have FaceBook and Twitter. You can use both of these sites to spread the word and let people know what is happening. You can do this to help your private fundraising activity or let people know your school is looking for donations.

Give People An Incentive To Fund

Think about giving people a reason to donate. You can recommend this to the school. It is human nature to want to be remembered. This is believed this is one of the reasons religion is such a powerful force that people want to believe in. They like the idea of their lives meaning more. A way people make sure they are remembered is literally leaving their mark on the world. You can help them do this by showing their donation for all to see. Check out This service offers to give your donors the chance to have the memory of their input into the charity last forever.

Teach The Children Life Skills

Finally, you can using fundraising to teach your children the value of hard work. You can help them feel good about others and encourage them to help their school and community. It is a fantastic way of getting them more involved in services that help them.

Promoting Faith to Children

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With so many distractions these days, there are far too many things that can capture a child’s attention and keep them preoccupied for years. From things such as school activities to video games to friends and more, so much is competing for a child’s time and attention. Some receive little to no Godly influence as to how to establish a relationship with God, let alone be more faithful to Him. In a lot of cases, God is competing with other interests that a child has, which makes it tough for children to recognize Him.

Many parents who have established their own relationships with God want nothing more than to see their children have the same experience. Some parents have had life lessons that taught them to rely on God, and as a result, they developed a stronger bond with Him. Some things can’t be taught, such as what it feels like to have your prayers answered, or how it is to be lead in the right direction to avoid various perils. These things must be experienced, which further increases the faith. However, there are some things that parents can do to help their children be more faithful to God. Below are some tips that parents may find useful.

Allow Children to Establish Their Own Relationships with God

Children may find it difficult to be faithful to God if they don’t know Him. It’s important that parents find ways to get their children to know God for themselves and establish their own personal relationships with Him. That creates the bond that creates trust, which ultimately results in faithfulness.

When someone is especially kind to us and always has our best interest at heart, or has proven to be a faithful friend, then it becomes easier to be faithful to them. In other words, it’s easier to love someone who has first loved us, or to be faithful and loyal to someone who has been faithful and loyal to us.  It’s the relationships that create the experience that leads to trust and faithfulness.

Parents Need to be Examples

Nothing is more influential to a child than for them to see their parents have some victories won as a result of God’s grace and mercy or His power and might. When children come to realize that God is behind all the blessings in their parents’ lives, it makes it easier for them to be believers too. Additionally, when children see how God comes through for their parents in so many ways and is always faithful, this can leave a lasting impact on the child’s heart and mind with respect to how relationships are established and how faith is built.

Children Need to Know God’s Voice

Another key tip is for parents to help children recognize God’s voice at an early age so that they will know when He’s speaking to them. This is a key component to establishing a relationship. Knowing God’s voice also allows children to respond to God when He speaks to them. It not only builds an awareness of His presence, but it also provides children with a Godly conscience.

Learning Lessons in Life

Basically, children need to be able to recognize God in various situations and see Him as God — their God. Not just their parents’ God, but the God that they’ve learned to know and trust for themselves.  This, in and of itself, lends itself to both trusting in and being faithful to our mighty God.

6 Essential Things Every New Mother Should Having


Photo via Ginny Washburne

When you are a new mother, it can feel like you don’t know what to do. I should know. When I first had my kids, it was a massive learning curve. After all, nobody ever tells you what raising kids entails. You just assume that it will be easy when you get the hang of it. Well, the bad news is that it doesn’t get any easier than it is now. How you cope with your new responsibility changes, though, and you will find it manageable. It might feel as though you can’t cope just now, but you can. I wanted to share a few motherhood insights with you so here they are. Here are six essential things that you need to get.

#1 Weatherproofing gadgets

Pretty soon, you will want to take your baby out with you. The first time you take your kid out, you might feel that it is a massive effort. If it starts to rain, you might not know what to do. Having little things, like the Bugaboo Raincover could make a massive difference. That way, you can make sure that you are ready if the heavens open up and it starts raining. Don’t panic, you will get used to it before you know it.

#2 A diaper dispenser

When you start to change your kid’s diaper, it can feel like a bit of a rush. Yes, you have to do it all as fast as possible. That means that the best thing you can do is have somewhere clean to put your dirty diapers. You might think that a trash can will do the job, but a dispenser is much better than that. You can get one online or at the mall. Get one as soon as possible to save yourself trouble later on.

#3 Childproof locks

When your little one starts to crawl, you are going to have a nightmare. There are loads of dangers around your home, and so you need to childproof it as soon as you get a chance. You can get little child-proof locks that you can use to keep your drawers as safe as possible. That way, if your child tries to get into the knife drawer, you can make sure that they won’t succeed. Easy!

#4 Loads of baby clothes

Okay, here is the truth of the matter – babies are messy all the time. Not a day goes by when a baby doesn’t soil their clothes. The more baby clothes you have, the easier you will find it to stay on top of things. That way, you will find that it is super easy to keep your baby as clean as possible. Remember, babies have low immunity, which means that you need to keep them away from germs.

#5 A secure cot

There are loads of cots on the market. You might not know how to choose the right cot for your baby so let me help you along the way. You need to make sure that the cot you choose has high barriers. That way, you should have no trouble when it comes to keeping your baby safe. The best material for cots has to be wood as it is safe and won’t hurt them.

#6 Entertainment for your baby

You might think that newborns don’t need entertainment, but they do. You need to make sure that you have little toys and things for your child to enjoy. For example, you could get a mobile to go above your baby’s cot. These little touches will make a world of difference to your child, and so they are well worth getting.

The most important thing you need to remember is not to panic. Perfecting your parenting skills will come with time, and so you needn’t worry. Take it from me – you can do it!


Inspirational figures to make your children aware of


If the world is to improve then we need strong female role models to help guide the way. It is especially important for young girls to see that they have the potential to achieve their hopes and dreams if they work hard and show compassion for others. Seeing others achieve their goals can go a long way towards them believing they can as well. Here are a few of the inspirational role models that children should be aware of during the crucial formative years, where they need the strongest of role models:

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu

In Ethiopia, economic opportunities are rarer than they should be. Bethlehem started out making handmade shoes and has since expanded her business to include many skilled workers from the area where she grew up. This is a great example of a powerful female entrepreneur creating improved opportunity for those around her. Her company is fair trade certified and continues to grow and create opportunity for those who were formerly in a disadvantaged position


Jennifer Atiku


Jennifer Atiku has achieved success on many levels and was recently called to the bar. She will no doubt use her new expertise in law to achieve great things for the Gede Foundation. The Gede Foundation is working hard to eradicate and treat the HIV virus in Nigeria. They care for patients and family members on all levels. Unfortunately, in Africa there is great shame associated with disease, so those who are suffering often do not seek treatment quickly when they have the greatest chance at recovery. Gede offers counselling to those afflicted so that they realize that they have value. Clinical services offer the latest in testing and effective treatment. Education efforts ensure that disadvantaged people understand how the disease is spread and how best to prevent it. With consistent treatment, Gede is confident that they can continue to make large strides in reducing the spread of the debilitating disease and improve understanding.


Khanyi Dhlomo


Khanyi is the powerhouse behind the magazines Destiny and Destiny Man. In these magazines there is a lot of information to help entrepreneurs get good advice and find resources to achieve their dreams. Her magazines help aspiring business start-ups connect with one another and think about their long-term goals so they can better plan their business endeavours. Having guidance throughout the start-up of a business is truly crucial to quick success.


Helping children establish their own goals


Goals are important to have because they give a sense of accomplishment when achieved. This encourages children to strive for even higher goals. Determination such as this creates true change and improvement in the world. If children speak to you about someone they look up to, it is important to ask them why and help them recognize the characteristics that make this person worthy of their admiration. When children realize what it takes to achieve goals then they can set their own in good faith.




How to Keep your Kids Entertained on a Rainy Day


You don’t need to buy expensive toys, or splash out on home gadgets to keep your kids entertained on a rainy day. Just because you’re all stuck indoors doesn’t mean anyone has to be bored – from cooking and karaoke, to indoor tents and tips on how to make paper mache – here are five fab ideas to keep you and your kids entertained, come rain or shine.

1. Crafts for Kids

Children love to be creative, and the internet is full of simple crafting ideas for parents and kids to make and create together. You don’t even need to be armed with a load of tools and techniques to get started – you could rescue and reuse all your waste cardboard, kitchen jars and clean trash for a junk modelling session, or why not learn how to make paper mache or playdough? Made using common kitchen ingredients, play dough is easy and quick to make (and cheaper than the shop-bought version), while learning how to make paper mache will help you transform some old newspaper into something any child would be proud of.

2. Fun in the Kitchen

Cooking with your children is a brilliant way to develop their interest in food and not only teaches them essential life skills but offers a low cost, fun activity for all involved. A good place to start is baking. Cookies, cakes, and biscuits are all easy to make and there are loads of other child-friendly recipes for you to choose from. Always consider your child’s age, ability, and tastes, and be sure to involve them in the whole process – from picking out the recipe, to shopping for ingredients and eating it together afterwards. For older children, opt for more complicated dishes or recipes that will either challenge their taste buds or educate them on regional or local foods to your area.

3. Fancy Dress Fashion Show

Dressing up is always a fun activity; both boys and girls will love to strut their stuff down a makeshift runway in the weird, wacky and wonderful outfits they’ve put together themselves. Dig out any old or elaborate items from your own wardrobe and encourage them to create accessories out of household items such as lampshades, bed sheets and any craft materials you have. Lighting is important so turn off the overheads and angle any lamps you have onto the runway (a hallway is perfect), filming or photographing your child as they parade up and down to an upbeat soundtrack.

4. Movie Day

On a rainy day it’s all too easy to simply dump kids in front of the television. However, while it is worth limiting TV and computers to 1-2 hours a day, there’s certainly nothing wrong with sitting down with your children for a bit of shared screen time. A great idea for a lazy day indoors is a movie marathon. Let your kids help choose a couple of their favourite films, pop some popcorn, close the curtains and look forward to an afternoon snuggled up on the sofa.

5. Build a Den

Inspire your little one’s imagination by helping them to build their own indoor den. Gather up any extra bed sheets, pillows and boxes for building blocks, or throw a blanket over a kitchen or dining room table for an easy hideaway. Pile in lots of cushions, pillows and blankets then give them the privacy and freedom to transform their snug into their very own land of make-believe. Whether it be a fort, raft, tee-pee or teddy bears picnic, once the building work is done: that’s when the fun really starts.

Adrenaline fuelled days out for fathers and sons


It’s a well-known fact that friendships form in adversity and nothing promotes human bonding quite like danger. That’s just as true when it comes to strengthening existing relationships, like those between fathers and sons. So if you’re looking for an exciting challenge to help bring you closer together, what should you choose? This article outlines some of the best.

Conquer a mountain

You don’t need to go to Everest to become a mountaineer. If you’re on a modest budget there are some great options closer to home, with both Wales and Scotland possessing peaks that are thrilling to climb and offer stunning views from the summit. Make sure you have good gear, go at the right time of year and pick the right challenge for your ability level and general health. Climbing isn’t all about sheer rock faces; there are many paths to the peaks that require nothing more than honest toil and decent kit. Nothing beats the feeling when you’re standing together at the top.

The drive of your life

If you’re the kind of guys who have framed pictures of Ferraris on his wall and a shelf full of books by Max Mosley, a day at the races could be just the thing for you. Just as Moseley reinvented Formula 1 and made it one of the world’s most exciting spectator sports, Thruxton Racing have reinvented the driving experience for those who want to enjoy a few laps on the track themselves. Pick your vehicle from a range that includes the latest Lamborghinis and classic Aston Martins, then go for a lesson and test yourselves against the clock to see if you can beat each other’s times.

Take the plunge

Want to do something really daring together? Then reach for the skies – and come straight back down again without the plane. Skydiving might be more affordable than it used to be, but nothing makes the first step into nothingness more exciting than knowing that you’ve committed to the challenge together. You can go through your training as a team and meet up again after the big jump to go for some well deserved refreshment.

Mess about in boats

There’s always something fun to do on the water; from the electric buzz of tandem jet skiing to the rather less demanding but still exciting business of manning a dinghy together. Canoeing lessons can be great fun and Britain’s rivers offer some surprisingly tough challenges, whilst kayaking is a fantastic way to explore parts of the coast together. Boating makes a relatively inexpensive day out even if you’re hiring all your gear and it provides you with a lot of space to enjoy those all important father-son conversations that it can be hard to find time for elsewhere.

Whatever kind of challenge you choose to undertake, make sure you go properly equipped, with good sturdy footwear and suitably warm clothing. When the adrenaline rush is over, sharing some sandwiches and a flask of tea can be a great bonding experience too.

Children’s Birthday Party Venues

Family 10

Your child’s birthday party is a milestone event that they’ll remember for years to come. Whether you decide to hold the party at your home or an outside venue, it’s important to research and plan fully, so the day goes off without a hitch. Here is a handy checklist you can use as a birthday party planning guide for your little one.

Consider the Season

The time of year in which your child’s birthday falls is a big deciding factor for many parents. This main consideration could determine where to hold the party. A beautiful late spring day would make for a nice outdoor party at your home, but what if your child’s birthday falls in the dead of winter? Do you really want 10 screaming kids in your house, messing it all up? In this case, you may want to consider holding it at a venue location where all the prep work, activity and clean up are taken care of for you. An indoor playground is a perfect choice for little ones who need to work off some of that excess energy — even in the warmer months. These parties are led by a private party host who leads all activities, plus you get access to your own party room where all preparations, food distribution, and gift opening is supervised, according to Kid Junction. Included in the price are playtime, free tokens, cake, food, and decorations and clean up, with customized upgrades available if you so choose. These types of parties are ideal because you can choose a package that works for you, your child and your budget.

Choose a Theme

Especially when it comes to younger kids, incorporating a theme into the birthday party is a great way to engage the guests and tie the whole party together. You can match all your games and activities to the theme for a well-rounded, more enjoyable party. For instance, hold a hoop-shooting contest in the driveway for a sports-themed party or create a masterpiece for an arts and crafts party, suggests Better Homes and Gardens.

Serve Age-Appropriate Foods

When it comes to food, keep it simple and fun. First off, be mindful of any food allergies that your child or any of your guests may have. This will take a little research on your part but it is absolutely crucial. In addition to the main course, such as pizza, offer snacks throughout the party that fit with your theme, such as “mummies” in blankets for a Halloween theme or beach ball cookies for a summer theme. If you can, let the guests become the chefs and have them prep and decorate their own food. You can set up an ice cream sundae bar, cupcake decorating station or make-your-own-pizza area where kids can add whatever toppings they want.

Specify Times

When you send out the invitations, be sure to spell out specific times for the party. This will discourage hangers-on when you really need to get your kids in for naps or have to head out to an appointment. Speaking of naptime: for toddlers, it’s best to schedule parties around this all-important chunk of your day. Skipping a nap in favor of a party sounds like a good idea at the time but it’s only setting your child up for a meltdown.

Planning is a big part of any successful kids’ party but you can pull it off with a little forethought.