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Can sports gum shields be used to help my kid’s t.m.j and occlusal problems?

Teeth are the most important parts of the body so that you can chew foods and they can also make you look good. Somehow, when you get enamel erosion, it can make the teeth look awful and it also influences your appearance. Somehow, when enamel erosion occurs, it can also cause occlusal problems. Occlusal is a common problem that many people have along with TMJ. Anyway, can sports gum shield be used to help your kid’s TMJ and occlusal problems?

What are TMJ and Occlusal problems?

Somehow, before your kids wear a kids sports gum shield, you need to know what TMJ and occlusal problems are. Well, TMJ actually stands for a temporomandibular joint which has a function to help us chew, speak, and eat. Without the TMJ, we cannot move out the mouth. Meanwhile, the occlusal problem is a kind of mouth condition where the upper teeth do not fit the bottom teeth. The occlusal problem makes you look ugly when smiling. Somehow, you need to go to a dentist to fix this issue.

Can sports gum shield be used to help TMJ and occlusal problem?

Anyway, when you want to fix your TMJ issue and occlusal problem, you cannot use sport mouthguard because sports gum shield is basically used to protect your teeth when you join a contact sport like boxing, wrestling, martial art, and football. TMJ and occlusal problems must be taken care of by your dentist. Your dentists have the best solution to make your teeth look good again and fix your TMJ problem.

Somehow, a sports gum shield is only used for protecting kids’ teeth when they participate in sports games, especially contact sports. A sports gum shield cannot cure your occlusal problem or TMH problem. It is not like a tooth brace which can straighten up your teeth because a sports gum shield is made from soft material. When wearing a kids gum shield, your kids will feel comfortable and it can fully protect their teeth from the unwanted incident.

How to wear a sports gum shield for kids?

Well, now you know that sports gum shield is not able to cure any enamel erosion because it is just a teeth protector when kids join a sports game. This sports gum shield is not like a tooth brace that can straighten up their teeth. The soft material makes the kids feel comfortable when wearing the mouthguard for a long time. Moreover, it is also very easy to wear a gum shield. Simply, your kids only have to put the mouthguard in the mouth and then just hold it with the teeth. It will not fall down because it fits the teeth.

Finally, can your kids wear a sports gum shield to fix TMJ and Occlusal problems? Well, a sports mouthguard is not able to fix any enamel erosion, TMJ problem, and occlusal problem. Somehow, it only helps kids protect their teeth when they join a sports game, especially contact sports.

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