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Best Haircuts for Toddler Boys

Toddlers are at a really cute stage of their lives and they should have the hairstyles to match. This is a time when it’s fun to experiment with different styles. There are many styles that will make your toddler look adorable and you can choose a style that you feel suits his personality. 

The type of hair products you use for toddlers is important. For example, gel is commonly used on boy’s hair and you need to choose the best baby safe hair gel to ensure safety.

Hair type and texture

When choosing a style for your son, you need to take his hair type and texture into account – straight, wavy, kinky or curly and fine, medium or coarse. This also affects the type of products you will use to style it. For instance, fine hair requires a product that offers good hold. For coarse hair, a product with a moisturizing component is best.

Styles for fine, thin hair

Fine, thin hair is often more difficult to style than thick hair. When dealing with this type of hair, the dapper side part can work wonders and gives your child a neat appearance.

Another style that works well for thin hair is to comb a fringe into an upward spike to draw attention away from the thinness behind it.

A short, spiky hairstyle gives the appearance of thicker hair – even if it’s not. Brush the spikes upwards for an even cuter look.

The best trick with thin, fine hair is to create a focal point. A little Fohawk where you brush the hair up into a spike in the middle on top will work with medium length hair. You will need to use a hair gel to fix the style in place. Let your little boy’s inner rock star out with this style.

Styles for thick, straight hair

A short, spiky cut works well for toddler boys with thick, straight hair. The cut is easy to maintain and you can use gel for a more spiky appearance.

A layered, textured cut is also great for boys with thick, straight hair. Shorter layers on top add volume to hair that falls naturally flat. When styling, brush the hair forward and use a light mousse to define the layers.

For boys with thick hair that falls naturally forward, long choppy layers upfront can look really cool – as long as the hair doesn’t hang down into the face. A short, textured haircut is one of the easiest and most successful cuts for toddlers with thick, straight hair.

Styles for curly, thick hair

Some boys are born for long, crazy hair and that is why the mop-top was invented. Boys with thick, natural waves can also wear a style where the sides are cut shorter and all the curls lie on top. Using a gel or wax for the thick curls on top of the head can give great texture and the appearance isn’t messy because of the shorter hair at the sides.

Boys with natural curls can have a simple haircut that lets the curls shine, whether this is a shorter or a longer style. Thick curly hair can be a hassle but when it is styled correctly, the curls don’t have to be cut off altogether to tame it.

A style for most types

Keeping the hair long on top, shorter at the sides and then slicking it back will work for most types of hair. You will need some extra-hold gel or wax for this style but your little boy will love how cool he looks. 

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