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Are You a Single Mom? Here’s Why Sexting Can Be a Good Thing!

Now before you all get carried away on a wave of concern, we know that sexting – the sending of racy or sexual content through one of the many texting networks – has a bad press, but that’s pretty much exclusively when it’s used by kids or those too young to understand what they’re getting into. Let’s face it, as responsible adults, we know our limits, and we know what we’re dong when we send a text – or even have a conversation – that is a little sexy or flirtatious.

In this article we are looking at why sexting can be great for single moms, so we’re talking to adults here. Sexting is simply sending a message, a picture, a video or any content that has an erotic or, for want of a better word, naughty nature. Now, consider the single mom: she has her hands full with work all day, or housework, and then picks the kid (or kids) up from school or the childminder and it starts all over again.

In her pre-child days she will have enjoyed a night out with the girls, a few drinks at a club and probably got chatted up by a few guys. She may even have arranged a date or perhaps gone home with a man. That’s how easy it was for her before she became a mom. Now, single again and in need of a partner and wanting to have a fun, enjoyable sex life, she doesn’t have the time to go out, and nor can she afford it, as much as she used to, and when she does get the chance, it’s for a few drinks with the girls before she has to go home to the children.

If this is you, you’re far from alone; it’s every young single mum around. It’s happening all the time, and it’s a drag. You love your kids, of course, but once in a while, you wish there was a man around to take some of the strain off you. So, like the rest of us, you join a dating site, or you sign up to Tinder, or you meet someone on Snapchat – and you get talking. Now is the time to think – how sexy, flirtatious, or how provocative do I want to get?

That’s where sexting comes in, so let’s have a look at it in a little more detail.

When To Start Sexting

There is an obvious point where a conversation or relationship takes a turn towards the racier side, where it becomes acceptable to say things that are personal and provocative. Where this point is in your relationship is determined by you. It may be you have had a couple of dates with the guy and like him, perhaps you think he could be the one, and you want to take things further.

If you can’t see him every day, the wonders of technology mean that you can talk to him whenever you want – and you can send him pictures that might give him the message you want him to get! How racy and how direct you want to be is up to you, and there is some great information on what to do – and what not to do – when sexting in this excellent guide to the subject.

Of course, he may be the first one to start the ball rolling. He might send you a steamy picture or say something that is a little bit beyond the norm. This is when you have to decide how far you want things to go with your sexting. For the record, be aware that it is not just single people who sext; research has proven that many couples, married and otherwise, frequently sext each other and find it helps their sex life and relationship. In relationships where one partner is away a lot of the time, it is a very common way of keeping things together.

Let’s say you want to start sexting with someone, and you’re pretty sure they want the same, what’s the next step?

What to Do, and What Not to Do

The first thing we want to talk about is sexting pictures. There are risks to sending pictures that are of an intimate nature. We all know of someone who, having sent a boyfriend a very sexy nude, then spilt up, and the picture was circulated among others. Some people are malicious enough to do that, so it’s always worth bearing in mind. However, the majority of such pictures are kept between lovers – that’s what they are for, and that’s what you hope will happen.

The first thing to think about when sending pictures – especially nudes – is keeping your identity hidden in the event that your picture does somehow get into the public arena, perhaps by hacking or on a lost phone. It’s always a good idea not to send pictures with your face showing, or any identifying marks.

Furthermore, before you send nude pictures – or any for that matter – ask the guy if he’s OK with it. If you don’t he may think you’re coming on too strong, and he’ll be away in a shot. Rest assured that most men like getting sexy pictures of a woman they’re into, and that doesn’t mean it has to be nude, so in the first instance dig out that pretty negligee you’ve been waiting for an occasion for!

The guide we have linked to includes some great information about safety when sexting – and that must be at the forefront of your mind at all times – but also educates you more on the benefits. Being able to send someone sexy pictures and messages is a sign of a relationship that is going somewhere, and if he responds in kind, you know you might have something special.

For the single moms out there, when you find the right guy, take it slowly, but remember that sexting is a great way of pushing a relationship along to the next stage.

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