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Adding the Finishing Touches to Your Living Room

Your living might be the hub of your home. These spaces can be used for relaxing in front of the TV, curling up with a book, spending time with your family and entertaining guests. Given its importance, it’s crucial that this space looks and feels the part.

Even after you’ve painted, decorated and furnished this space, you might feel as though there’s something lacking from your lounge. The following design tips will help you to add those all-important finishing touches to the space.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings can be inexpensive yet they have the power to transform the appearance of your living room. When you’re choosing these items, make sure they complement the colour of your walls. One great style tip for these spaces is to have a feature wall and mirror this colour with your rugs, curtains and cushions. This can add instant style and finesse to the room and it will create a coordinated look.

Add plenty of photos

To put your own stamp on your lounge, plenty of photos are a must. Placing images of your family, friends and pets around your walls will give the room a personalised appearance and will help you to feel at home.

For added artistic effect, include a few of your favourite landscape shots too. Perhaps you have some stunning holiday snaps that would look great displayed in your lounge. It’s now easy to buy beautiful frames from firms such as Go Frame It. You can take your pick from a range of colours, sizes and styles of frame, meaning you won’t struggle to achieve the look you’re after.

If your current images don’t fit the bill, it might be time to get your camera out and make some new ones. If you’d like to improve your technique behind the lens, you can get plenty of photo tips online.

Interesting artwork

On a similar theme, it’s a great idea to add some interesting artwork to your lounge. All too often, homeowners go for generic prints that they don’t have any real connection with.

By keeping your eyes open for artwork that really strikes a chord with you, you can personalise your room and give it added individuality. For example, look out for original artworks or paintings of your favourite places.


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Re-visiting your lighting could help you to enhance the look of your living room too. Don’t see your lights as solely practical products. They can also be used to impressive artistic effect. Installing a combination of ceiling and wall lights, lamps, recessed lights and spotlights can help you to achieve a layered look. Using a variety of products will also help ensure you can change the ambiance of your room to suit your mood. Whether you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, a romantic vibe or a bright space to help you concentrate on a task, you’ll be able to do it at the flick of a switch.

By making a little extra effort to complete your lounge, you can guarantee you’ll end up with a space you adore.

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