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7 Ways to Make Your Home Safe and Healthy

7 Ways to Make Your Home Safe and Healthy

To most parents, there is nothing more important than the safety of their child. While many parents worry about their children’s safety away from home, many do not realize that more kids are actually more likely to be injured or hurt at home due to an unintentional accident.

Because most of these accidents can be prevented, here are 7 ways to ensure that your home is safe and healthy so you can have save, healthy, and happy children:

  1. Online Safety

Because so much information is given online nowadays, it is important to keep your children safe when using the computer. It is all too easy for your child to stumble across something he or she shouldn’t, or to accidentally give out information they shouldn’t. Take some time to teach your children how to be safe when using the computer, and if your children are still young, make sure computer time is supervised. Many kids can be manipulated into giving out pictures or passwords to online hackers or predators. For more information on safety blocks and parental controls, read here.

  1. Bathtub Safety

Many parents are aware that young, small children can accidentally drown in a bathtub, but many are as aware of the danger of hot water. If the water is too hot, your child could actually be burned by scalding water. Babies and toddlers can be scalded in a mere few seconds if they are exposed to water at 140 degrees and higher, thus, before placing them in the tub, make sure you test the water.

  1. Windows

One of the most common injuries experienced by children each year is window injuries. Windows that are not properly secured, whether by guardrails or child safety locks, can lead to serious danger for your children. Your windows should be secured with child safety locks, and if they are open, it is in your children’s best interest to install guardrails. While screens can marginally prevent injuries, if a child pushed hard enough, they could break a screen, leaving them in danger of falling. Another serious threat to children are cords on blinds and shades, as toddlers and babies can accidentally strangle themselves.

  1. Stairs

Steep stairs can be extremely dangerous for babies and toddlers, thus it is important to have safety gates blocking any entry to stairs. Because it is easy to slip on stairs at any age, once your children are old enough to use the stairs properly, remind them to be careful how quickly they go up and down the stairs.

  1. Cleaners

Cleaning products and other items, such as cosmetics, medications, vitamins, mouthwash, rubbing alcohol, etc., should be placed in a locked cabinet that is out of reach of children. If ingested, these items can have severe consequences, which can have permanent effects. Should anyone accidentally ingest these, make sure to call poison control immediately.

  1. Fire Safety

Fires are extremely dangerous and can spread quickly, which can leave your family in trouble should a fire break out in your home or nearby. One of the best ways to prevent fires is to make sure your smoke detectors are in good working order. All homes must have a smoke detector in each room, and while new smoke detectors chirp to let you know that their batteries have died, older smoke detectors might not. Just to be safe, you should test your smoke detectors every six months to a year.

Additionally, when it comes to fire safety, it is important to teach your children the basics of fire safety. It is instinctual for children to hide during a fire, but that can hinder a firefighter’s ability to find them, thus it is important they know what to do if a fire breaks out.

  1. Carbon Monoxide

Similarly to a smoke detector, you can purchase a carbon monoxide indicator. In fact, new smoke detectors often come with a carbon monoxide detector included. Because carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, without a detector, it can be nearly impossible to determine whether or not it is in your home. Carbon monoxide can be deadly, as it can prevent oxygen from reaching the brain. Make sure your heating system is working properly, and that any other appliance that uses natural gas is in good working order.

These 7 tips can help keep your family safe and healthy.

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