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7 Ways Moms Can Encourage Learning After School

7 Ways Moms Can Encourage Learning After School

Every parent loves to see their child learn and grow throughout their lives. The desire to learn and develop is essential for creating healthy habits that will not only help a child get better grades in school, but also set themselves up for success later in life.

Many parents rely fully on the school system to educate and create this desire for learning. In addition to a great school program, parents should also encourage their kids to learn outside of the classroom. Here are seven ways moms can encourage learning after school.

Find the most educational TV shows for them to watch

Even though this seems counter-productive, watching TV can be a great way to trick kids into thinking they are getting a break from learning, when actually, they are still learning something new and exciting. Moms can go to to find shows that will work for them and their kids.

Sign them up for some after school activities

After school activities are one of the best ways to make learning fun and exciting for kids outside of the classroom. Moms can look for programs that will not only be beneficial, but also that their children will be interested in. Parents and kids can even look together to find the best options.

Continue to read with them

Reading together is a common practice for families when the children are young, but many families grow out of the habit as the kids get older. Mothers can re-establish this habit as a fun way to bond and increase daily learning.

Ask open-ended questions about their day

One of the best ways to cement what a child has learned during their day at school is to talk about it. Parents can ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer to help their kids remember what they have learned and talk about the most interesting facts.

Establish a normal routine to keep them on track

Most families already have a normal routine that they follow during the week. Though it seems like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done, parents can make extra at-home learning a part of the nightly schedule. This consistency will help everyone stay on track.

Give them a productive space for doing homework

Doing homework is usually most difficult for kids because there are so many other distractions in their homes. Moms can set up a space in the home that is not only free from distractions, but also comfortable enough for their kids to work in at night.

Encourage curiosity in every aspect of life

Staying curious about the world around them is one of the best qualities anyone can keep throughout their lives. This curiosity will lead them to ask questions and learn new things every day. Moms should encourage this in their kids, by maybe asking them some new questions about a topic or taking them to new and interesting places on a regular basis.


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