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7 Steps To Child Proofing Your Home

7 Steps To Child Proofing Your HomeThere are so many emotions that come when you’re expecting a baby, doesn’t matter if it is your first or your fifth. You worry about the crib and the sheets and you pick out the baby’s first outfit and their first pacifier. However, you should be focused on your baby’s safety at home. About 2.3 million children each year are injured from an accident occurring in the home. All of these accidents could have been avoided if proper childproofing had been done.

#1. Get Down And Dirty

In order to see what your toddler or infant can get into, you have to get down to their level. Yes, that’s right. Get on your hands and knees in every room and just spend a few minutes crawling around. You might hit your head on the coffee table or use the oven door to lift your self up; both of these could cause serious injuries for your child.

#2. Protect Your Outlets

This is one of the most common childproofing tips, but it is still just as important. Those old school plug in plastic clips just are not cutting it anymore. Children can easily pop those out and put then in their mouth and then continue to play with the socket. Instead, try replacing the entire socket; they now sell ones with sliding doors on them that cover the entire outlet, worth the extra money.

#3. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Secure

Almost everyone keeps cleaning supplies underneath their sink, and your toddler will probably find its way into that cabinet as you’re cooking dinner. You have two options, you can find a locking mechanism for those cabinets or you can move them into a higher cabinet or storage facility.

#4. Make Use Of Gates

Many people use childproof gates to protect their children from going up and down the stairs. However, you can use them to sort of corral your children into one room. You can keep one room closed off that you know is baby proof at all times and keep your child there in quick moments.

#5. The Bathroom

This may seem like an unlikely place for children to get hurt, but as you may know anything can happen when it comes to toddlers. Covering the faucet with something soft is always a good idea, to make so your child doesn’t hurt itself in the chance that they fall.

#6. Windows

Window treatments can be very dangerous for a baby. And you may be thinking to yourself, well duh everyone knows that. But there will be a day when you things just aren’t going your way and you are thinking about too many things and you might forget to keep your toddler away from the window. Just to prevent any accidents from happening make sure that any strings or knobs used to open and close blinds are securely stored high and out of reach from your toddler.

#7. Security

You can never be too sure about keeping your entire family safe. Doing some research I found that now supplies alarm systems that can arm rooms individually, which means you can arm your child’s room when they are napping and not have to worry about their safety while you are in the kitchen our bathroom.

Just following a few quick tips can help you keep your child out of silly risks that can cause big problems.

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