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6 Things to Do With Your Kids During Winter Break

6 Things to Do With Your Kids During Winter BreakChristmas vacation is an exciting time of the year. It means two or more week where your kiddos are out of school and home to enjoy the holidays. But this special time can get a little crazy with stir crazy children trapped in the house all day and growing a little wild. Here are six fun activities to plan with your munchkins during this winter break.

1. Set Up Craft Time

Most kids have an amazing artistic side, and with school out of session, they will be ready to show off their glue stick skills home. Pull out the construction paper and scissors for a fun family craft time. Research a few printables or other winter craft ideas online and let your kids go crazy with creativity.

2. Cooking School

With holiday baking and warm winter recipes, this break might be the perfect time to teach your youngsters some basic culinary skills. Cover everybody in an apron and set to work. This can be a prime opportunity for reinforcing their fledgling math skills with instruction or reminders about measuring cups and spoons.

3. Pick a Read Aloud Book

The importance of reading out loud to little ones can’t be overstated. Winter break is a perfect chance to enjoy quality time and a classic story. Use the break from schooldays and homework to read with your kids. Get together and pick out a favorite chapter book like The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe or The Wonderful Wizard or Oz. If your family enjoys the mornings, cozy up around a cup of hot chocolate and read a chapter. If you are night owls, then start a routine of reading a chapter or two before bed. If your kids are excited to see what happens next, read in the morning and at lunch and at night!

4. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

6 Things to Do With Your Kids During Winter Break 2

They’ve been singing that question around the house and in the carpool and at school all year long. Now, as the snow begins to fall, it is finally time to head outside with your kids and sculpt your very own snowman. It is an annual tradition for most families living in colder climates. And if you reside in a sunny spot, maybe opt for constructing a sand castle together.

5. Family Movie Night

Another great way to engage with kids is over their classic movie or TV show. With channels from Mississippi Direct TV Service or other Direct TV providers, you and yours can enjoy classic holiday movies and all of your children’s shows. When you know a great program or film is about to air, gather everyone together and cook some homemade popcorn. Bundle up on the couch with blankets and pillows and enjoy being together.

6.  Build a Blanket Fort

One the most fun growing up experiences consists of indoor construction. Blanket forts are so much fun to create, whether you are eight years old or 48. Gather sheets, blankets, chairs, brooms and other prospective building materials and set to work as a team. See your children generate their own ideas and lead a group effort while learning what works and what doesn’t hold up structurally.

With these six winter time activities, your family will be happily entertained this winter break. And you will be able to enjoy the special memories made this holiday season.

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