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5 Tips to Help Parents Manage Their Kids’ Phone Use

5 Tips to Help Parents Manage Their Kids Phone UsePhone use has accumulated a very bad reputation among kids. Many parents feel that their children spend too much time on their phones, and that the time their kids spend on their phones not in the least bit productive. Most parents would agree that phone use is an issue in their kids’ lives. A phone can be a very valuable piece of equipment in a child’s life, or a very serious distraction. It is the parents’ job to make sure that a phone is used only as a tool to improve their child’s life.

Setting boundaries with children and phones can be extremely difficult for a parent. Most children have their mobile phone with them at all times, and some kids will even protect their accounts with passwords that even their parents would not know. Parents should not only know how their children are spending their time on their phone, but they should also help their children use their phones in a safe and productive way. Here are five tips to help parents manage their kids’ phone use.

Do the children need their own phone line?

Many parents see other parents buying their young children their own phone, so they think that they need to do the same. Parents should judge to see if their children are really ready for their own phone yet. Most parents think that a child is not ready for a phone of their own until high school, but parents can judge their children’s own responsibility and maturity levels to decide.

Help children understand basic phone safety

Phone safety is extremely important to go over with any child. Parents need to make sure that their children understand what practices are OK on a phone and what practices could get them into trouble.

Establish ‘no phone’ times

Many children who have their own phone will have that phone with them whenever they possibly can. Parents should set up times that their children are not allowed to have their phones in order to give everyone a break from technology, like dinner time. Parents can better control this with

Use the phone as a tool when kids leave the house

Mobile phones can be very useful for parents when their children leave the house. Parents can use their children’s phone to know where they are at all times and make sure that they are safe. This is a great way for parents to feel safe letting their children go out on their own for the first time.

When necessary, just say no

Sometimes, parents just need to set boundaries with their children. Saying no to phone use is something that no child will like hearing, but in some situations, it is the only solution. If a parent notices their child is spending too much time on their phone, the parent might just need to cut the cord for a while  in order to teach the child appropriate phone use.


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