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5 Essential Products Every Cat Owner Should Have

Are you a cat lover? There is one fact of life that every cat lover must know; who is the boss. Cats can be indifferent and bossy, but they do bring a unique type of playfulness and companionship to their subjects😊 -you. If you want to make your furry friend happy and remotely interested in your company, you need to show them that you have what they need.

With that in mind, every cat owner should have these five products around at all times:

1.   A Fancy Scratching Pad or Mat

No one knows why cats tend to get into a scratching frenzy at random times. They mostly do it when they are excited or made a new friend, or to mark their territory. To be honest, sometimes it might feel like they do it just for lols. Whichever the reason, the last thing you want is your cat to scratch the threads out of your fancy sofas or fancy carpets.

Why not get your cat a fancy scratching pad or a fancy scratching post instead? With a bit of training scolding and pleading, your cat will be enjoying this weird pastime on the fancy scratching pad or post. There are plenty of videos and guides out there on how to get them to scratch the pad or post when they feel like doing it.

2.   Cat Health- A Cat/Pet Scale and Thermometer

Ok, bosses aren’t meant to get all sickly and thin, but they do get sick, maybe once or twice; give or take. A big percentage of potentially fatal cat ailments can be caught early if you have a pet scale and thermometer on hand.

It might be a hassle to get them on the scale or check their temperature but do it as often as possible, especially if they like sneaking out. Any sudden temperature spikes or weight loss could be a sign of things going wrong and an impending visit to the vet.

At the same time, cats tend to overeat and get too fat to walk or enjoy being cats, so weight gains should be monitored and controlled through food rationing. Hey, check out floppy cats they have loads of cool products, find the best cat products there!

3.   Inconspicuous Litter Box Aka Private Cat Loo

Unlike dogs and other domestics animals, cats love to do their business in private away from prying eyes of onlookers. Understandable, given than bosses generally value their privacy more than anything. If your cat isn’t among the weird ones that pee and defecate in a normal loo, a litter box is an absolute necessity.

However, it’s not the presence of a litter box that matters but where you position it. Ensure you keep it in a dark corner, preferably where your furry friend likes to hide when he wants some me time. In fact, you should know that things are not good with your cat if it does its business in the open like a doggy.

4.   Chill Spot and Playground

It is said that cats have no business being awake if they are not hungry or playing. To make your cat happier and more comfortable, you’ll need to create a cozy chill spot (like a cardboard box) where it can sleep and someplace to play. Preferably, the chill spot should be positioned in an elevated space and have a snug fit with a tiny opening.

5.   A Fur Comb

Cats tend to shed their fur over short periods as they climb around, lick their paws and squeeze into their chill spots. To avoid the fur getting into your seats, carpets and other household items, a fur comb should always be on hand. Use it to comb the cat from time to time and remove any loose fur that might fall off.

In conclusion, cats are awesome and quite fun to be around if well-taken care of. Having these and other essential products on hand could improve your cat’s life and how it behaves around you. As the great Jim Davis once said, “cats rule the world”!

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