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40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men



Turning 40 is a major event because this new decade brings a lot of changes in one’s life. Especially for men, it can be a turning point in life when things are mostly settling down and the concentration is more on the family. Either way, we know how difficult and confusing it can get to buy a gift for a man. One, because of the limited choices and two, men aren’t really choosy so they might accept whatever you get but you wish to get the best for them which is a little more than a nod at least. Because gifts should definitely garner some appreciation. It is satisfaction for people who are offering it.

So, if your mind is also blocked between a tee and a shirt or a trouser or a pair of jeans, you are definitely not on the right track of gifting. But here’s a little help for you. We have listed down some unusual gift items as well as the usual ones with a little twist. We have some innovative products, some essentials and some hobby gift that is perfect for somebody of age 40. After all, this age calls for some time investment towards hobbies and extra activities that keeps your mind active at all times.

Dual sided cologne

There are many men who are really obsessed and are careful about the way they smell and hence love to have a collection of deodorant or perfumes that keeps them fresh and fragrant. So, you can get them a 2 in one cologne which is dual sided. One side of which has a roll on and the other has a spray. Depending, on ones, uses they can use either the roll on or the spray. If you are looking for birthday gifts for your husband then definitely you should atleast have such thing in the gift bucket.

Remote control pillow

One such problem that we face a lot of the time in our household is to find the remote to the TV or DVD player. These remotes are so small that they can be left at different places and we seem to never remember it where we left it last. So, to not stress yourself from searching it there is a new innovation of a smart pillow which also acts as a remote control to your appliances.

Cocktail maker

Men love their drinks to be crafted in a way that is exquisite as well as has a fine taste that suits his personality. The cocktail maker comes with a lot of attachments that help you brew the perfect cocktail with different spirits. You can also crush fresh fruits into it with the help of the juicer setting in it. Isn’t it perfect for his bar table?

Musical sleeping  aid

As we grow, so does our responsibilities in life which causes us a lot of stress. Ths imay sometimes lead to long working hours and stuff that can lead to a sleeping problem at times. But like our body, our brain needs to be tamed and trained too. Thus, you can gift him a sleeping aid that has an LED light and a musical theme that will help him to attain a peaceful sleep.

Fishing kit

40th is the time when you are more relaxed in life and you do not have much of a burden to set your career or so. Thus, it is the time to invest yourself in activities that become a part of your hobby. Fishing is one of the activities that are really fun and a great time pass. You can get your friend a fishing kit with all the gears and equipment and might as well tag along with him.

Swimming kit

Sometimes the working hours combined with the home time rarely leaves you with time to workout at the gym. 40th is an age when it is the time to start thinking about your body too. If you are wary of the gyms and movement form of exercises, then one should indulge himself in a sport. Swimming is one of the healthiest sports which is fun too. Thus, you can get him a swimming gear to motivate him to adopt it as a hobby.

These were some suitable gift options to consider but you can also find some more 40th Birthday gift ideas for men.

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